The V12 By Lamborghini Turns Electric With The 819HP Sian Hybrid

The V12 By Lamborghini Turns Electric With The 819HP Sian Hybrid

The first electric Lamborghini does not let you down. If anything, the green-painted Sian with its channels, fins, and hyper-sharp design seems like the most cars that the company develops. The Sian is the newest supercar to receive the hybrid approach after Ferrari and Porsche cars. But the firm was not happy just fitting a battery in its newest car. Rather, it is employing a supercapacitor to drive the car forward.

The Sian has included a 48-volt motor to the gearbox, offering the V12 engine an extra 34 horsepower. It assists push the car at launches and offers the car instant torque while hitting the accelerator.

It does this using a supercapacitor rather than the typical Li-ion battery pack. Lamborghini claims that it is “3 times lighter as compared to a battery making the same power and 3 times more powerful as compared to a battery of the same weight.” Lowering the weight while increasing power is the major aim when you design something that goes very fast. Lamborghini seems to have done that with upgraded tech it borrowed from the Aventador.

On a related note, ever since Lamborghini touted off its wild MIT-associated Terzo Millennio car users have been waiting to see what a manufactured edition might seem like, and they may know soon. Media points out a picture posted on the firm’s Instagram account that displays a silhouette, the logo, and some LEDs (Y-shaped) that darken back to the 2017 car.

Features such as in-wheel electric motors, a self-healing carbon fiber shell, and supercapacitor energy storage possibly are not prepared for prime time yet, but the firm has apparently been getting ready for a limited version ever since.

The Huracan and Aventador are planned to receive hybrid drivetrains ultimately and the firm’s Asterion concept displayed one potential future, but this can offer an early peek of the tech

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