North Korea Wanted Sanctions Lifted In Return To Partial Yongbyon Closure

North Korea Wanted Sanctions Lifted In Return To Partial Yongbyon Closure

North Korea offered to close down a part of its Yongbyon nuclear complex. The country offered this move in return of lifting of all U.N. sanctions except those directly aiming at their weapons of mass destruction program, according to a senior U.S. State Department official. They proclaimed that the issue the U.S. Department was dealing with is the North Koreans, at this point, are not willing to compel a complete freeze on their weapons of mass destruction plans.

The official proclaimed that, so, to give billions of dollars in sanctions relief would, as an outcome, put the nation in a position of financing the ongoing weapons development intended for the mass destruction in North Korea. The official spoke to reporters after the end of a 2nd summit between Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, and Donald Trump, the U.S. President, in Vietnam this week.

On a similar note, those traveling to the Bahamas should exercise added caution owing to crime incidents in the region, the U.S. State Department warned. This week, the department published a travel advisory for the Bahamas. It stated that violent crimes including armed robberies, burglaries, and sexual assault are common in the region. This list as well explained that such incidents can occur even during the day and in tourist areas.

With that said, the U.S. State Department added that the majority of such crimes happen on the Grand Bahama and New Providence islands. The U.S. Government personnel are not allowed to visit the Sand Trap region in Nassau because of crime situations. They as well are not allowed to use jet-ski rentals on the New Providence and Paradise Islands. In their advisory, the U.S. State Department stated that jet-ski operators have been well-known to commit sexual assaults against travelers.

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