Vienna terrorist attack Austria | Vienna terrorist attack several dead after shooting in Austria updates. | Attacks occurred in 6 places, 7 killed; Attackers also fired near the shrine » India News
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Vienna terrorist attack Austria | Vienna terrorist attack several dead after shooting in Austria updates. | Attacks occurred in 6 places, 7 killed; Attackers also fired near the shrine



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  • Vienna Terrorist Attack Austria | Vienna Terrorist Attack Several Dead After Shooting In Austria Updates.

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The terrorist attack took place in the Austrian capital Vienna on Tuesday morning. According to reports, 7 people have died in the shootout, while several people have been injured. According to preliminary information, firing took place at 6 different locations. According to Austrian home minister Karl Nehmar, the incident cannot be called anything other than a terrorist attack. The injured have been shifted to the hospital.

Firing continues
According to the Austrian government news agency ORF, the incident occurred on Monday night (early Tuesday in Indian time). According to the updates, intermittent firing was on in some areas. There is no concrete information about the people killed. The New York Times and The Guardian have stated their number 2. At the same time, the news agency IANS has given the death toll of 7. The Vienna police has not revealed the death toll on its Twitter account. Police said – the situation is very bad. Please avoid going to public places under any circumstances. A police officer is also among those who died.

Who are the attackers?
Till now no firm information has been revealed about how many and who are the attackers. And is it related to the incident in France in the past. Police spokesperson said – One officer has been killed in the attack. We are fighting them with full force. An attacker is seen firing near the synagogue, the Jewish shrine. It has a mask on its face. Oskar Dutek, leader of the Jewish community in Vienna, said – We cannot say who carried out the attack and whether our shrine was the target.

Questions related to this attack and their present answers

Q. Where and when was the attack?
In Vienna, the capital and historical city of Austria. Monday at around eight o’clock. According to Indian time, around 5 am on Tuesday. A synagogue was also targeted.

Q. How many attackers and how many attacks?
The number of attackers is not clear. Even if it is, the Austrian government did not give any information about it. A total of 6 places were attacked in Vienna.

Q. How many people are killed or injured? What happened to the attackers?
According to news agency IANS, 7 people have died. Social media number 3 is telling. According to this, an attacker has also been killed. However, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Q. What is the information about the attackers so far?
Nothing special so far. The Austrian government calls it a terrorist attack. It is not told who they are, how many they are and the citizens of which country. Nor is their motive clearly. The number can be three or four. All are seen in black hooded T-shirts and white pants. There are masks on the face.

Q. What are the police and security forces doing?
The police are confused as the attack took place a total of 6 places. Now people have been appealed to stay in homes.

Many videos on social media
Many videos of the terrorist attack in Vienna are going viral on social media. The attacker is also visible in some. The incident is reported to be around 8 pm. The lockdown was to be imposed from Monday night to stop the epidemic. The Chancellor of Vienna said- Our quiet city is in panic.