Video dates may attract the person in front, but there is no chemistry in real life | Video dating can attract the person in front, but real life does not have chemistry » India News
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Video dates may attract the person in front, but there is no chemistry in real life | Video dating can attract the person in front, but real life does not have chemistry



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16 minutes ago

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People were imprisoned in homes under the Corona Lockdown. In India, there were orders to go out in the Emergency itself. In such a situation people started feeling lonely. It is human behavior that when alone we want to talk to people. Start looking for someone. In Corona, video calls help people connect. Many people also attracted towards each other. They also did video dates with each other, but no real chemistry was seen in such a relationship in real life after the lockdown.

24-year-old American actress Sesay Boykins has gone through such an experience in lockdown. She was doing video dates with 26-year-old Ellie in lockdown. At that time there was a very good chemistry between the two. The conversation between the two began on Instagram. The two met in a theater before the lockdown. They thought that both of them would go ahead and enter into a relationship. Boykins says that we were chatting with each other in a day or two with video. The rest, time spent talking on the phone for hours.

How effective online dating?

  • Boykins says that after four months of video dating, the two were also having intimate conversations. I don’t remember ever having talked to anyone for so long since school. We both learned a lot from each other. At that time it was felt that we were both in a relationship.
  • However, when Boykins returned to New York in July, he invited Ellie to visit her at her apartment. This date was completely different from the video date. In real life, there was no chemistry in both of them.
  • Boykins says that he is sad about this. Both of them had come to know each other well, while the reality was completely opposite. Now he has decided that from now on he will never enter into such a relationship. Boykins believes that the phone or video chatting he is chatting with is not necessarily the same in real life.
  • There were so many people like Boykins, who had to go through such times. After this incident, the question is, is video dating better than real dating? What does the expert think about this?

What is the opinion of experts?

  • Marriage family therapist Jacqueline Mendez says that people are very familier when doing video dates. They easily trust the front, which is wrong. They think they know the person in front, but people only know one side of it.
  • Jacqueline says that the video has a presentation of the front, which can also be artificial. Sometimes this is the reason why we are attracted towards the front.
  • Jacqueline says that sometimes due to good behavior we start thinking more about the person in front. A kind of fantasy develops in his mind regarding his personality. Based on the video dates, we start imagining that person.
  • During the video dates, we start to feel that we have come to know everything about the person in front, which is absolutely wrong. If the person you are dating, and he does not remain physically present, then we cannot know him fully.

Difficult to read frontal body language in online dating

  • According to experts, during video dates we can be attracted towards people in general. There are many reasons for this. Like – the sound of his voice. Humor can also attract.
  • Ballkins says that for the person we are attracted to, it is necessary to be in front of him. The biggest disadvantage of video denting is that we do not fully see the front. Cannot understand his gestures.
  • Behavior expert and advisor Margaret Odd says that we keep a lot of eye on the movement. Look at his way of walking, speaking and thinking. In matters of love it is seen more carefully. Whereas in video dates, humans are able to see from two dimensions only. It is very difficult for the brain to understand this. So we cannot choose someone as our partner only on the basis of video dates.