Vaccination will start in the US from December 11, India hopes to have vaccine by March next year | Oxford's CoveShield being built in India is up to 90% effective; Vaccination in the US from December 11 » India News
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Vaccination will start in the US from December 11, India hopes to have vaccine by March next year | Oxford’s CoveShield being built in India is up to 90% effective; Vaccination in the US from December 11



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  • Vaccination Will Start In The US From December 11, India Hopes To Have Vaccine By March Next Year

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7 minutes ago

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There is big and good news about the Corona vaccine. Vaccination will begin in the US from 11 December. On the other hand, the formal vaccination will be started in Britain, Germany also from December. On the other hand, the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine (CoveShield) has been found to be up to 90% effective in trials.

At the same time, India’s Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan told India Today that the vaccine in India is expected to be available in the first three months of next year. By September 2021, 25–30 crore Indians can be vaccinated. The first will be vaccination of health workers.

Oxford Vaccine: 90% Effective
Oxford / AstraZeneca issued a statement saying the vaccine (AZD1222) was found to be very effective in tests conducted in the UK and Brazil. The vaccine was found to be up to 90% effective at half dose. After this, 62% was seen effective when given full dose in the second month. A month later, the effect of the vaccine was observed to be 70% when given two full doses. The vaccine is being developed by the Serum Institute of India, Pune.

America: Preparations complete, vaccination from December 11
America ranks first in terms of infections and deaths. US COVID-19 vaccine task head Monsef Saloi said in an CNN interview that the vaccine would be given to the first person in the US on December 11. As soon as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the vaccine, we will begin the application. Preparations have been completed. The FDA is going to have an important meeting on December 10. It is believed that on this day the agency will approve the vaccine.

Spain: Vaccination will start from January
Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Sunday that vaccination work in the country will start in January. Sanchez said- We have made all the necessary arrangements on our behalf. We are assuming that vaccination will start in the country in January and in three months its doses will be provided to the whole country. Spain and Germany will be the first countries in Europe to have complete vaccination. A total of 13 thousand vaccination points have been made in the country.

Germany: 3 million vaccine orders
Speaking to ‘The Guardian’, Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said – Germany and Spain are the first countries in Europe to prepare for vaccination. Hopefully, this can be implemented from next month. All the vaccination centers will be activated by mid-December. Germany has already placed an order to secure 3 million vaccines. This is enough for us. We can also give it to our partner countries when needed.

Status of 5 major vaccines

The vaccine Event When will you come
Moderna (America) Preparation for emergency use, up to 94.5% May come in december
Pfizer (America) Seeks permission for emergency use, up to 95% effective May come in december
Oxford / AstraZeneca (UK) UK-Brazil tests up to 90% effective May come in february
Kovacsin (India) Third trial started Trial will be done on about 26 thousand people
Sputnik V (Russia) Trial of second and third phase released Two doses will be given

UNICEF is also ready
UNICEF said that we are in talks with 350 airlines and cargo flight companies, so that the vaccine can be delivered to the countries at the right time and safely. There will also be millions of syringes with the vaccine. Our focus is particularly on the poor countries like Burundi, Afghanistan and Yemen, where the risk of corona is increasing and they do not have the resources to deal with it.

Vaccine can come to Britain before America
According to ‘The Guardian’, Pfizer and BioNotech’s vaccine may be approved only this week. If this happens, vaccination can start here in the first week of December. Pfizer and BioNotech have sought approval from the relevant agencies in the US and European countries for vaccination.

Both companies claimed that their vaccine was 95% effective during trials and no side effects were observed. Earlier Modarna claimed that her vaccine is 94.5% effective.