The relationship between America and India will be strengthened by Joe Biden becoming president, know why? | The relationship between America and India will be strengthened by Joe Biden becoming president, know why? » India News
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The relationship between America and India will be strengthened by Joe Biden becoming president, know why? | The relationship between America and India will be strengthened by Joe Biden becoming president, know why?



Donald Trump, a good friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is no longer the President of the United States. He will be replaced by Democrat Joe Biden. He too is not new to India. We have seen him favoring India on several platforms as Vice President of President Barack Obama.

It was Biden who authorized India’s permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council on behalf of the United States. At the speed with which the Obama administration carried forward relations with India, Trump took them forward. Experts are saying that since 2000 there has not been much change in the attitude of America towards India. Whether it is a Republican President or a Democrat in America. Starting with Clinton, Obama and Trump have also tried to strengthen relationships after George Bush. In the Biden camp, thinking about China is different and it can affect India’s relations.

How has Biden been to India so far?

Biden has been a strong advocate of India before becoming Vice-President in the Barack Obama administration. While chairman and then vice-president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, he has spoken of increasing strong strategic partnership with India.

In 2006, Biden said that America and India are the closest countries to my dream world of 2020. Even in 2008, when Senator Obama was hesitant on the Indo-US nuclear deal, it was Biden who persuaded Republicans and Democrats in the US Parliament (Congress). Biden has always spoken of strengthening Indo-US relations in strategic areas while being Vice-President. In his own tenure, the US formally supported the UN Security Council to expand and make India a permanent member.

It was the Obama-Biden administration that declared India as the major defense partner. America gave this status to a country for the first time and that too to India. In the last days of the Obama administration, the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was held, which was one of the three foundational packs of the Military Cooperation. Two subsequent agreements were followed by the COMCASA and the BECA Trump administration.

On what issue can the Biden administration stand?

On terrorism, Obama and Biden supported India in the fight against terrorism. Biden’s campaign did not speak on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, but India hopes the US will pursue its traditional approach against cross-border terrorism.

On the issue of China: In the US, there is an agreement that China is a strategic battle and a warning. The Trump administration spoke openly on this issue, Biden may not appear as vocal. India can expect the Biden administration to operate on a rules-based and stable Indo-Pacific.

On H-1B Visa: The Trump administration was extremely strict on this issue. The Biden administration is expected to moderate it slightly. With this, going to America can be softened for Indians thinking of studying, working, and living. By the way, Corona has taught software companies how to work remotely. Therefore, work can also be done with a small number of employees.

Indo-Pacific Strategy: Biden campaign has not clarified the picture on the Indo-Pacific strategy. The central focus of Indian foreign policy is on this area. The region feels that Biden will take rules-based and system-friendly decisions, which will be taken with India at the center.

On human rights violation: President Donald Trump just thought about his country, not caring much outside. But Biden’s not going to do that. Strict statements may come from the US on human rights violations. In particular, steps such as abolishing Article 370, new citizenship law (CAA), NRC in Assam with respect to Jammu and Kashmir can also be criticized. In particular, Kamala Harris is known for her sharp criticism of human rights violations. In such a situation, his harsh and sharp comments may come.

Overall, what will change in the India-US relationship?

In the last 20 years, India has had differences with each of its presidents – Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump – but even after that, the relations between the two countries have strengthened. He has been focusing on strengthening relations with India.

This means that no single party in the US dominates the relationship with India. Both parties want to strengthen relations with India. In such a situation, one can expect Biden to carry on the relationship from where Trump left him.

Kamala Harris to be Vice President beneficial or harmful?

Indian-origin Kamala Harris is set to become the first female vice president with Biden. Will play a key role in policy making. Biden has already said that he is a term president. Surely in 2024, Kamala Harris may become the President’s Candidate.

Kamala Harris understands India closely, this thing is beneficial as well as harmful. Assuming that Indians have a soft corner in their mind. On this issue, she can make it easier for Indians to study, work, and settle in the US by relaxing immigration related laws.

However, Harris has been a staunch critic of human rights violations. As the situation is building in India and Hindu majority issues are being pushed forward, it will not take long for Harris to make a critical statement. Similarly, repealing Article 370, bringing in a new citizenship law, or enforcing the NRC in Assam can be gritty in their eyes. So, it is difficult for the experts to say anything at the moment.