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Tehsildar Demand Bribe Three Lakhs For Rejecting Admission In Agra

In- Case of Kiravali Tehsil of Agra District, SDM sought clarification from Tehsildar in 48 hours.



Agra: The government may have changed, but the game of bribe has never stopped. In Yogiraj too, officials are openly demanding bribe. One such case has come up in the Kirawali tehsil of Agra. Where a party had submitted two files to Tehsildar Raju Kumar’s court for getting Khasra Khatouni nominated. The party held talks with the Tehsildar over the non-conversion. Its audio went viral. In audio, the Tehsildar is demanding three lakh rupees for two files.

Retired Kanungo was in the middle

Tehsildar retired registrar Kanungo Arjun Singh is asking the complainant to talk to the mediator. On this, the party has also said that I will not be able to give so much money, sir. People say that the Tehsildar has been frozen in the Tehsil for a long time. The general public and lawyers have also demonstrated on the complaints of corruption of SDM’s occupant. SDM Sumit Kumar Singh has said that he has sought an explanation from the Tehsildar in 48 hours. Non-response will be conveyed to high officials for action. DM Prabhu N Singh says that action will be taken if found guilty in the investigation.

Excerpts from the remaining conversations of the Tehsildar and the party-

Tehsildar – Tell me that the phone is not on record.
Parties – No sir … Never can do this ..
I can also meet you personally.
Tehsildar – Meet you in person
Party – where to meet sir
Tehsildar – Come home, we live in Judge Compound B17
Parties – Sir
Tehsildar – either tell us on the phone … you will be saved from the trouble
Parties – Sir, please tell me… I will be kind
Tehsildar – see those two files
Parties – Sir … There are two files, but the name has to be one.
Tehsildar – Yes… there are two files and… talk according to both.
Parties – tell me sir … tell me
Tehsildar – I have spoken to Arjun Singh, we need one and a half and a half … means three lakhs
Parties – this will be too much sir …
Tehsildar – Now we have told you to talk to Arjun Singh, he will also tell the same thing.
Parties – Look sir … I am not such a big man.
Tehsildar – Separately following RK. You see, it will be back and forth.
Parties – this will be too much head… I am not in control.
Tehsildar – Oh … So my work is also typical. Even this work of yours is not worth doing.
Parties – That’s why I wanted to meet you in person and discuss a little.
Tehsildar – Now I have given you a hint… that I wish and talk to Arjun Singh
Parties – Sir