Registration will be done on CoWIN app to get vaccine, government will soon release the app | Where and how to get the vaccine registered, who will be in the top priority? Read report » India News
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Registration will be done on CoWIN app to get vaccine, government will soon release the app | Where and how to get the vaccine registered, who will be in the top priority? Read report



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  • Registration Will Be Done On CoWIN App To Get Vaccine, Government Will Soon Release The App

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new Delhi4 days ago

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Corona’s vaccination campaign will begin in the country from 16 January. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken this decision after a high-level meeting called for preparations for corona vaccination. Modi said in a program that India is ready to protect humanity with two Made in India vaccines. In the first phase, 1 crore healthcare workers and 2 crore frontline workers will get free vaccine. Then 26 crore people above the age of 50 and one crore people below 50 years who have serious disease will get vaccinated.

In the next 1-2 days, the agreement will be signed with vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute. It is not clear at what rate these two companies will give the vaccine. The serum has a price of Rs 200 per dose. A senior health ministry official said the vaccine would be delivered to the cold chain centers in the states by January 12. So that the vaccine reaches the different districts and vaccination centers by the state governments on time.

5 questions you want to know the answer to

1. When will I get the vaccine?
Currently there are two categories above 50 years. Those who are 60 years of age or older will be given priority in applying the vaccine. After this, people between the ages of 50 and 60 will be vaccinated. Those born before January 1, 1971, will be considered to join this group. The government will decide on the basis of the availability of the vaccine, when the vaccine will be used by others.

2. What do we need to do to get vaccinated?
Registration has to be done on the Kovin app. The government has not yet released this app. Prime Minister Modi on Saturday reviewed the Kovin vaccine delivery management system. The government photo ID will have to be shown at the time of registration and vaccination. However the data of one crore health workers and two crore frontline workers is with the central and state governments. It also has sanitation workers. The government has filled the data of 79 lakh such people in the Kovin app. Therefore, these three crore people will not have to register.

3. I have a serious illness, how will the government decide this?
People below the age of 50 who have serious illness will get priority. Such patients will have to provide proof of their illness and they will be registered on Kovin on the same basis.

4. Which company will be vaccinated by us?
According to sources, in the first round, the Kovsheed vaccine of Serum Institute will be sent to the state governments, because India Biotech vaccine has not yet been tested by the Central Drugs Laboratory in Kausauli, Himachal Pradesh. 2.5 million doses of covaxin have been sent for examination. It takes at least 14 days. If the vaccine is allowed to be used without losing time, it may take from 11 to 12 January. After this, there may be a further delay of one to two days to reach the center.

5. Can vaccines be purchased from the market?
The government has not made it clear yet. In future the government can take a decision on this. Currently, around 30 million doses of the KoviShield vaccine are ready to be sent to states after completing all procedures. The vaccine vial is equipped with wrappers with not-for-sale and immunization programs so that the vaccine cannot be introduced into the open market and its black marketing can be stopped. Over 20 million doses are ready in the serum factory. This batch will also be sent to CDL for early investigation. After the approval, the consignment will be sent to the states.