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Read, this week’s selected stories of Time magazine with one click | Read, this week’s selected stories of Time magazine with just one click



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26 minutes ago

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1. The vaccines of Oxford University and AstraZeneca Company can prove to be a major step in the control of corona virus worldwide. The vaccine is important for other countries including India. It is inexpensive, easy to install and store. The Serum Institute of India has so far produced five crore doses. Read what else is unique about this vaccine in this story.

The Oxford Vaccine / Oxford Vaccine is the lifeline for 190 countries including India; Big features like low price, ease of storage

2. The year 2020 has been the warmest year ever. Scientists believe that many weather-related events that occurred in 2020 are unlikely. Yet there is a possibility that in 2021, there may be record breaking events like last year. Read what the scientists have feared

Heavy heat, forest fires and severe drought are more likely

3. When the corona virus epidemic was spreading rapidly in Asia, Europe and America, experts feared that it would lead to destruction in Africa. There was a possibility of 3 lakh deaths in 2020 due to the absence of virus control, but in this case Africa is in better condition than America with best health facilities. In this story, read what Africa did to prevent the corona virus.

How does Africa lead America in winning the battle against Corona?

4. 2020 remains historic and turbulent for America. The issue of Trump, Corona and blacks overshadowed. How will these developments affect the future? To find out, Time spoke to famous historians in America. Read this opinion of experts in this store.

How will 2020 be recorded in history, know from experts
5. The fire in Australia’s forests showed many grieving scenes this year. The koala animals usually climb the tree after seeing humans, but the koala, which somehow survived the fire on Kangaru Island, was relieved when cold water was poured. Shortly after pouring water, he hid on a tree. The fire killed 3 billion animals in Australia this year.

Jungle-life changed forever; 3 billion animals died in Australia this year

6. Japan’s capital Tokyo spent 92 thousand crore rupees ($ 12.6 billion) to host the Olympic Games, but only then did the Kovid-19 epidemic come and go away. The Olympics filled the city with uncertainties. Learn how the Olympic Games will be held between Corona in this story from Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike.

Tokyo wants to introduce a new model of Olympic

7. Corona caused worldwide unemployment, loss of income. 2020 has also taught many lessons in the matter of money, which is also important to remember in 2021. In this story, read about five lessons related to money in this crisis of corona virus.

5 lessons related to money in 2020 that will work this year