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Rajinikanth may not enter politics due to Coronavirus and his health | Report claims Rajni decided to stay away from politics by citing health



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Rajinikanth announced in March this year that he would announce his political party at Pongal next year. -File photo

  • Rajinikanth claims to have written an internal note to his advisors
  • According to reports, Rajni does not want to take a chance in the corona epidemic.

Superstar Rajinikanth will not enter politics at the moment. The reason for this is the corona epidemic and their health. Giving this information, trade analyst Ramesh Bala wrote, “Today’s hot news. Many media outlets are saying that superstar Rajinikanth has written an internal note to his advisors that due to Corona and his health, he is in politics Can’t take entry. It is difficult to launch a party on Pongal in an epidemic. “

Rajni’s reaction – the letter is not mine

Rajinikanth’s reaction to the viral letter has surfaced. He has said, “The letter is not mine. But the information given in it regarding the health and the advice of the doctors is correct. I will discuss with Rajni Makkal Mandram and announce my political stand at the right time.”

  • The full story, which is being claimed in the report

Rajinikanth cannot take a chance during an epidemic

The Times of India in its report quoted sources close to Rajinikanth as saying that the superstar has cited health in his statement. According to a source, Rajni does not want to take any chances in this phase of the epidemic. Especially when he underwent a kidney transplant in the US in 2016. The letter also states that Rajni’s doctors have also advised her not to be active in politics before the vaccination of Kovid-19.

Rajni wrote – I do not care about my life

In her internal note, Rajni wrote, “I do not care about my life. I am concerned about the health of the people. I promised to bring political change. I had to be active in politics. In the meantime if my health deteriorates So the political process may face new challenges. “

Fans, told the public – you decide what I do

However, according to this report, Rajinikanth has not completely abandoned the idea. He further wrote in his statement, “If I want to take advantage of this, I will have to launch it before January 15 and have to announce my decision in December.”

He further writes, “I leave it to my fans and the public to decide what I should do based on the prevailing conditions of the time? The decision of the people, the decision of God. Jai Hind.”

Letter was circulated among friends and colleagues

Another source has said that this letter was circulated to get feedback among Rajni’s friends and colleagues, which was leaked by someone. Superstars are angry because of this. However, there has been no rebuttal on the gesture made by him on his letter.

Did the step taken due to pressure from BJP?

“He was under a lot of pressure from the BJP and he took the latest step to see if the pressure subsides after the BJP and AIADMK combine,” the report quoted a source as saying.

‘Inhumanity questions Rajni’s entry into politics’

A district-level official of Rajni’s organization Rajni Makkal Mandram said, “The content of the statement tells the truth. It would be inhuman to ask him the question of entry into politics, given his health under the current circumstances.”

Reacting to the statement, a four-time MLA to the Dalit leader, Ku Tamilarasan said, “We are not sure that this statement belongs to him. If so, well-wishers should respect his stand given his health, but in this round of communication Rajinikanth has enough time to contest the next assembly election. ” Tamilarasan has been in contact with Rajinikanth for a long time.