President Elect came to the running stage, said - I will unite instead of dividing the country | President Elect came to the running stage, said - now it's time to heal the wounds, I will unite the country » India News
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President Elect came to the running stage, said – I will unite instead of dividing the country | President Elect came to the running stage, said – now it’s time to heal the wounds, I will unite the country

President-Elect Came To The Running Stage, Said I Will Unite Instead Of Dividing The Country



  • Biden became president after 3 attempts in 32 years, in 1966 he had told his mother-in-law
  • Biden has received the highest 7.5 million votes in American history so far

Joe Biden (77) has won the presidential election. He is currently President-Elect, he will become the 46th President after taking oath on 20 January. He addressed the people on Saturday night (Sunday morning according to Indian time) after winning the election. In this, he emphasized things like ending mutual bitterness, uniting the country, and President of all. Biden came running to the stage to deliver the speech. During the election campaign, President Donald Trump accused him of being old.

Thanks to wife and family

Biden was elected senator for the first time 48 years ago. In his address to the country, he said- you have given a clear mandate. 7.4 people voted. This is America’s moral victory. Martin Luther King also said the same. Listen carefully Today America is speaking. I will unite instead of dividing this country as President. Thank you for supporting family and wife in this struggle.

Biden asked for Trump - we can be adversaries, not enemies.  Biden served as Vice President during Barack Obama's term from 2009 to 2017.

Put an end to hate

To Trump and his supporters, Biden said – I know people who voted for Trump would be disappointed today. I have also lost many times, this is the beauty of democracy that everybody gets a chance in it. Let us end the hatred. Listen to each other and move on. Stop considering opponents as enemies because we are all Americans. The Bible teaches us that everything has a time. Now is the time to heal the wounds. First, the Kovid-19 has to be controlled, then the economy and the country will have to be on the way.

Every class joined

Biden referred to the unity of diversity in America. Said- I am proud that we saw diversity in the oldest democracy in the world. Live on his strength. Bring everyone along. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressive, Orthodox, Youth, Elderly, Rural, Urban, Gay, Transgender, Latin, White, Black, and Asian. We got all the support. The campaign was very difficult. Sometimes even went to lower levels. The African-American community stood by us.

When Biden was 27, he told his future mother-in-law – I will one day be president

Biden first married in 1966. He was 24 years old. The girl’s mother asked what do you do? Biden replied – I will one day be President of America. Biden won the presidential election in the third attempt in 32 years.

Kamala Harris also addressed

Sacrifices have to be made for democracy
First Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris said – There is no guarantee of democracy. It depends on how hard you are working to maintain it. It requires willpower. So do not take it lightly. One has to sacrifice for this. Only after this one gets happiness. We are also doing the same. Democracy was also at stake in this time’s voting. You have shown America new dawn. For four years you fought for equality and justice. Then came the opportunity to vote.

Kamla told the people - You have now chosen unity, civilization, science and truth.

We have courage and passion

Together we made this country beautiful. Now your voice will be heard. I absolutely believe that there are many challenges before us. Especially in the last few months have been difficult. We have suffered a lot of grief and pain, but we have courage and passion. You chose Joe Biden and me. Kamala is the first black female Vice President of the United States. She is of Indian origin.

Kamala is known as the messiah of the poor, is dominated in the magazine by the star image.

Kamala Harris has reached here after facing the challenges of gender discrimination. The attorney for the district of San Francisco has been California’s first black attorney general. Kamala has been a strong opponent of Biden within the Democratic Party. However, she now has allies. Kamla had launched a campaign in 2011 to provide compensation to the homeless people due to the crash in the banking sector. She then became the national face.

Biden’s victory means for India

Biden said in 2006, “I dream that by 2020, America and India should be named among the two countries in the closest relationship. While Biden’s vice-president, the US officially supported India’s permanent membership of the UN Security Council. However, Biden’s stance on Pakistan and China is not very clear. His propaganda document states, ‘No terror in South Asia can be tolerated. Whether from across the border, or whatever. ‘ Kamla speaks openly on Kashmir. Therefore, it is feared that his stand on the issue of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir may not be right from India’s perspective.