PM Modi will talk to MP farmers today; 1600 crores will also be deposited in farmers' account | PM said- MSP will not be closed, nor will it end; Some people are shining politics by scaring farmers » India News
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PM Modi will talk to MP farmers today; 1600 crores will also be deposited in farmers’ account | PM said- MSP will not be closed, nor will it end; Some people are shining politics by scaring farmers



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  • PM Modi will talk to MP farmers today; 1600 Crores Will Also Be Deposited In Farmers’ Account

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8 minutes ago

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Farmers are agitating against agricultural laws. Here, the government is counting the benefits of new laws on one pretext. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the farmers’ conference of Madhya Pradesh through video conferencing. In a 53-minute speech, Modi once again said that the biggest concern of farmers about minimum support price (MSP) is that MSP will not be closed or will not end. He said that farmers should avoid those who are spreading a web of lies on agricultural reforms.

Modi’s 3 important things on MSP

1. MSP will not close or end
A lie is being spoken again and again. I said that our government did the work of implementing the Swaminathan report. The government is so serious about MSP that it announces before sowing. Farmers get to know how much MSP is going to be available on which crop. These laws came into force 6 months ago. The MSP was announced as before, the purchase was made in the same mandis. After the enactment of the law, the MSP was announced, crops were purchased on this MSP. I want to say that the MSP will not be closed, nor will it end.

2. Farmers are being misled
In the 5 years of the government before 2014, only 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of pulses were purchased from farmers. We encouraged farmers to grow pulses. We bought 112 lakh metric tonnes of lentils. He gave 650 crores to pulses farmers, so we gave 50 thousand crores. Today the pulses farmer is getting more money. Those who could not give MSP in the manner to the farmers, nor could purchase on the MSP in the manner, they are misleading the farmers.

3. We gave MSP one and a half times the cost to the farmers
The first thought that the government did not have to spend too much on the farmers, so the Swaminathan report was kept suppressed for 8 years. Our government considers farmers as providers. We took out the report of the Swaminathan Commission. Gave MSP one and a half times the cost to farmers. The example of fraud with farmers is the promise of debt waiver. Before the elections in Madhya Pradesh, it was said that we will forgive the loan, but nothing happened. Millions of farmers of Rajasthan are still waiting for debt waiver. This is how I think someone can manipulate the innocent farmers to such an extent.

4 important things on agricultural laws

1. New laws are being discussed a lot
Time cannot wait for us. In a rapidly changing scenario, India’s farmers may fall behind due to lack of facilities, this is not right. The works that should have been done 25-30 years ago are happening now. In the last 6 years, the government has taken several steps keeping farmers in mind. There is a lot of discussion of new laws. These laws did not come overnight. For 20-22 years, the governments of the country and the states, farmer organizations discussed it. Agricultural economists, scientists have been demanding reforms in this field.

2. Due to the new law, farmers own their will
For 70 years, the farmer had been selling only grains in the mandi. In the new law, it has been said that where there is profit, sell grains. Whether selling produce in the market or going outside. Everything is at the will of the farmer. Farmers have also started selling produce under the new laws. We have been making atonement for the sins committed by farmers in the past decades by making laws. Don’t know why lies are being spread.

3. Not implementing any new farming agreement
Where is the talk of shutting down APMC coming from? There is another lie going on – about the farming agreement. We are not implementing any new farming agreement. There are already such agreements in many states. There was a lot of risk in the methods related to the farming agreement in the country. We decided that the biggest interest in the farming agreement would be seen by the farmer. The promise made to the farmer has to be fulfilled. If there was less money in the agreement, but the profit increased, the farmer would get money from it as well. The new law shows strictness on sponsors and not on farmers. The sponsor does not have the right to terminate the agreement.

4. There is no reason to doubt agricultural reforms
We are working to make the Annadata an energy donor. Bee, animal and fisheries are giving importance. Earlier 76 thousand tons of honey was produced, today 1.76 lakh tons of honey is being produced. Matsya Sampada Yojana has also been started. I say with confidence that there is no reason for mistrust of agricultural reforms.

3 blows on the opposition

1. Take all the credit, but let the farmers easily
Farmers should seek answers from those who kept promising promises in their manifesto, but kept avoiding the demands, because the farmer was not a priority. Look at the old manifestos, if the old statements are heard, then the agricultural reforms that have been done today are the same as those which were said. He has been pained by how Modi has done what we said. How did Modi get credit? I say keep all the credit with you, but let the farmers rest easy. Now, by spreading a trap of lies, farmers are being warped by placing a gun on the shoulder.

2. Some people are shining politics by showing fear to the farmers
Government is repeatedly asking which clause is the problem, please tell. These parties have no answer to this. They are shining their politics by showing fear of the farmers will lose their land. It is important to remember what they did when they had a chance to run the government. I want to open his raw letter in front of you. The Swaminathan Commission report is the proof of how people talking about farmers, people who shed false tears. These people kept pressing this report for 8 years.

3. Some parties have left no stone unturned to destroy the farmers
Our government gave more than 8 lakh crores to farmers on the purchase of wheat and paddy. In the earlier government, pulses were sourced from abroad. These people left no stone unturned to destroy the farmers of the country which has the highest consumption of pulses. The farmers were upset, these people were having fun. It is true that in case of any natural calamity or crisis, help can be taken from abroad, but it cannot always be done.

Modi trusts farmers

Willing to negotiate to remove doubt, will talk again on 25
Understand the few farmers who have apprehensions about the new laws, and beware of those who spread confusion. After I say, if you have any doubt after the efforts of the government, we are ready to talk politely, bowing our heads. Farmer’s interest is our top priority. On 25 December, on the occasion of Atal ji’s birth anniversary, I will again talk to the farmers on this subject.