PM Modi to transfer 18 thousand crores to 9 crore farmers' account; We will also show the advantages of agricultural law | The Prime Minister said to the farmers - we are ready to discuss with an open mind, your faith will not be affected » India News
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PM Modi to transfer 18 thousand crores to 9 crore farmers’ account; We will also show the advantages of agricultural law | The Prime Minister said to the farmers – we are ready to discuss with an open mind, your faith will not be affected



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  • PM Modi To Transfer 18 Thousand Crores To 9 Crore Farmers’ Account; We Will Also Show The Advantages Of Agricultural Law

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new DelhiA minute ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with farmers on Friday. The opportunity was to transfer 18 thousand crore honor fund to the accounts of 9 crore farmers, but the Prime Minister had in mind the Bengal and Kisan movement. He spoke for about 80 minutes. Out of this, he spent 20 minutes on the same issues that are being raised in the peasant movement.

Modi said- the government stands with the farmer at every step. After the new laws, farmers can sell their produce wherever they want and wherever the right price is found. Some people are spreading the illusion that the new laws will leave your land, do not get into their words. Read, what did Modi say on what issue?

1. On the peasant movement

  • The Prime Minister said that there are many innocent farmers in the movement, but lies are being spread about the agricultural laws. Some people are spreading the illusion that new agricultural laws will take away their land.
  • Modi said- some leaders are running their agenda in the name of farmers. Are misleading farmers. Put a gun on his shoulder. These people are demanding the release of those accused of violence from prison. We assure that the trust of the farmers will not be affected. We are ready for discussion. We are walking with an open mind for a solution.
  • The Prime Minister said – Local body elections were held in many places. The farmers had to vote in this. People voted against the leaders of the movement. Today I also humbly tell the opposition that our government is ready to talk, but it will be on issues, logic and facts.

2. On MSP

  • The biggest demand of farmers is that the government give written assurance on continuation of minimum support price i.e. MSP. Modi also spoke on this in the Kisan Samvad. He said – the naive farmers involved in the movement will tell that they too have sold grains on MSP. The truth is that the government has bought records on the increased MSP, that too after the new law is enacted.
  • The Prime Minister said- you can sell your produce wherever you want. You can sell produce where you get the right price. If you want to sell your produce at the MSP, you can sell it.

3. Talk of new laws
Modi said- After the new laws do you want to sell your produce in Mandi? You can sell Do you want to sell your produce in another state? You can sell Do you want to sell produce together through FPO? You can sell Do you want to be a part of the value chain of biscuits, chips, jam, other consumer products? You can also do this. Do you want to export your produce? You can export. Do you want to sell it to the merchant? You can sell

4. Role of companies
The Prime Minister said that many companies are doing agreement farming in Punjab. If the crop is spoiled, then the front agreement cannot be ended, but the farmer agreement can be terminated at any time. Earlier, farmers were fined for breaking the agreement, now farmers do not have to pay anything. If the company will get more profit from the crop, then it will also have to pay a separate bonus to the farmer. That is, the matter of taking the risk is not the farmer, but the company.

5. Modi’s target on opposition including Mamta
Sadly, the farmers of Bengal did not get benefit: Modi said- In Bengal, those who are not allowing the farmers to benefit, they come to Delhi and talk about the farmers. Today I regret that more than 70 lakh farmers and siblings of my West Bengal have not been able to get this benefit. More than 23 lakh farmers of Bengal have applied online to take advantage of this scheme. But, the state government has stalled the verification process for so long.

No voice for two thousand: The Prime Minister said – Many farmers have written a direct letter to the Government of India, but the State Government has stuck to it. Those who ruled Bengal for 30-30 years, from where did they take Bengal. They did not raise voice for the 2 thousand rupees received by the farmers and went to Punjab for the agitation. Does the people of the country not know about this game? Why has the opposition’s tongue closed on this?

Why don’t you agitate in Kerala: Modi said- the parties that do not speak on the benefit of farmers in West Bengal, they come here in Delhi and talk about the farmer. These parties are missing a lot of APMC mandis nowadays. But they repeatedly forget that there are no APMC mandis in Kerala. These people never agitate in Kerala.

6. Farmers Trust
One and a half times MSP: Modi said- our government tried to get the price of the crop to the farmers of the country. According to the report of the long-standing Swaminathan Committee, we gave one and a half times the cost to MSP farmers. Earlier, MSP was available only on a few crops, we also increased them. We also moved in the direction that the farmer should have not only one market but new markets to sell the crop. We added more than a thousand agricultural mandis of the country online. Of these, more than one lakh crore rupees have been traded.

Took care of the will of the farmers: The Prime Minister said- Through agricultural reforms we have given better options to the farmers. After these laws you can sell your produce to whomever you want. You can sell produce where you get the right price. If you want to sell your produce at MSP, you can sell it. If you want to sell your produce in the market then you can also sell it there. Whether you want to export or sell to the merchant, it is also your choice.

FarmerIn discussion with Modi Asked- companies take ginger or even take land?
1. Arunachal Pradesh
Farmer: I got 2-2 thousand in 4 months. Started organic farming with the money from PM Fund and created FPO. Organic ginger is grown.
Modi: The companies you are associated with, they only take ginger from you or even take the land?
Farmer: It does not happen.
Modi: Today, they are saying so far from Arunachal that your land is safe. The confusion is being spread here that farmers’ land will be taken.

2. Uttar Pradesh
Farmer: Cultivate on one and a half acres. There are 100 small farmers in the FPO.
Modi: Do you think the new reforms will benefit? Will your land not go?
Farmer: Yes, we are benefiting from them. There is no such thing as going to land.
Modi: Here lies are being spread, but when people like you speak, trust increases.

3. Odisha
Farmer: Kisan Credit Card received on 12 March 2019. I have taken a loan at 4%. The moneylender gets a loan of 20%. My life has improved with loan money. I have an acre of land.
Modi: Atalji’s government started giving loans to farmers at low rates, we are pursuing this work.

5. Tamil Nadu
Farmer: I benefited greatly from drip irrigation. It also saved a lot of water.
Modi: You earned, and also did human service by saving water. Your income also increased and the land was also used. I would request you to explain to other farmers that there is no need of water.

To spread the policies of the government to the farmers, the key ministers of the government also addressed farmers in different states.

Minister Where address
Amit Shah Kishangarh Village, Mehrauli, Delhi
Nitin Gadkari Silchar, Assam
Gajendra Singh Shekhawat Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Ravi Shankar Prasad Patna, Bihar
VK Singh Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Why choose today?
Today is the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. On this occasion, the BJP is organizing programs all over the country. Union ministers, chief ministers of BJP ruled states, ministers, MPs, MLAs are joining these programs. Choupals are being installed for farmers.