Now the perceived common face in front of the skill does not matter. Now the perceived common face in front of the skill does not matter » India News
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Now the perceived common face in front of the skill does not matter. Now the perceived common face in front of the skill does not matter



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One hour ago

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Anupama Chopra, Editor,

Today I would like to talk about such artists, who have been continuously impressing people with their work. Who did not let his alleged common look come in the way of victory due to the talent. Like Rajkumar Rao. May he be the pride of this Diwali. His two films ‘Chalang’ and ‘Ludo’ were released. ‘Chalap’ was normal, but the film with which he paid, gave the film a different height.

In the same way, his work in Ludo is also famous. He played Mithun’s fan character very well. That character lives completely in surreal tone, but laughs at him. Both play the opposite character, but Rajkumar’s acting range makes him interesting. This has not happened overnight. He also had to face initial rejections. As was the case with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. People did not give him work saying that his face is unconventional. Nawaz would reply to those makers that 80% of his face is like the face of humans who are Indians.

Rajkumar Rao also had to face all this. He once said that at the beginning of his career he used to give auditions throughout the day. Most were rejected. But they were not desperate. Before bedtime read a script, watched a movie. Then go to sleep So that his dream of becoming an actor remains awake. Today they are living that dream. The artist’s appetite for them is very strong that they have to make great cinema or performance. However, great cinema could not be made very often. But Rajkumar’s specialty is that they also make the average film interesting. It was a jump. By including Ludo, he again underlined that he specializes in all this.

Now the so-called mango face is accepting the audience. He is also a hero. The audience is also feeling those most connected. He has come to understand that a hero is not just about larger than life. The scale of beauty has changed. The point of view of them is different. That’s because if a hero is a very good actor, then the perceived common face also seems special to the people.

Bachchan saheb did this thing fifty years ago. In the beginning, he too had to face stress like lambuji. Amitabh Bachchan changed the meaning of beauty with the talent. The makers who defined beauty from these traditional things at the time had to change themselves. The typical beauty scale was Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor etc.

Now Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham etc. Ajay Devgan also initially belonged to that common face. But then when he flicked the entry in his style on the bike, people became crazy about him. The so-called common or special look did not matter. Till date people do not forget that scene.

Now the audience and our stars have also changed. Manoj Bajpayee told me, ‘Ayushman, Rajkumar, Nawaz, Pankaj Tripathi all say that they have got a place because of Manoj Bajpayee.’ Manoj Bajpayee often says that he came a little early in the industry. If he had come in this era, whatever Rajkummar Rao, Ayushman etc were doing, he would have been doing all that. They all had the look of ‘Boy Next Door’, but the success was ‘larger than life’.

Many times though a hardcore commercial film is being made, there is absolutely a need for Handsome stars. Those who seem to have larger than life with their dole, dole and dole. For example, ‘War’ requires Hrithik Roshan or Tiger Shroff. So that viewers can also be entertained, who feel the thrill if the hero comes out of the helicopter in black glasses. The audience becomes drunk. By the way, the purpose of the setup is escapist entertainment. There needs to be a larger than life hero.

Like Rajkumar Rao etc. Avinash Tiwari is a very good actor. Vineet Kumar Singh with ‘Mukkabaaz’ is a very good actor. Vijay Verma is a brilliant actor. There are other names, which are earning both names and prices due to digital platforms.
(These are the author’s own views)