nitish kumar sushil kumar modi cm deputy cm of bihar nitish sushil modi duo breakup bihar politics new government formation in bihar after poll political drama in bihar | BJP ministers will get power, party will also benefit » India News
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nitish kumar sushil kumar modi cm deputy cm of bihar nitish sushil modi duo breakup bihar politics new government formation in bihar after poll political drama in bihar | BJP ministers will get power, party will also benefit



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Patna2 hours ago

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Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi lived in Bihar for nearly 15 years in the ‘government association’.

  • Bhaskar had told in the first afternoon of the NDA meeting – Sushil Modi will be sent to Rajya Sabha and will be made Union Minister.
  • BJP will ask Nitish even before bringing new deputy in the eyes of political analysts, though its reverse is also possible

Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi, partners of the JP movement, have been in the ‘government company’ in Bihar for about 15 years. Between 2015-17, Sumo remained an attacker on Nitish Kumar for less than a year and a half, the rest of the time being seen with the same tone. In this election too, Modi maintained that Nitish Kumar would be the Chief Minister. Nitish was also adamant on retaining him as deputy, but the central leadership of the BJP made up his mind to bring him to the center that this time nobody did.

Bhaskar, along with the news of Rajnath Singh’s arrival on Saturday, had revealed that Sushil Kumar Modi would be considered for retaining the deputy CM or not. It may not have happened, but the message was up to the center. Even before the NDA’s meeting on Sunday, Bhaskar broke the news that Modi would go to Delhi from the Rajya Sabha seat of late Ram Vilas Paswan to become Union Minister.

Now Sushil Modi himself has also tweeted. He wrote, “The BJP and the Sangh Parivar gave me so much in 40 years of political life that perhaps no other would have been found. I will discharge the responsibility that will be given in future also. No one can take away the post of worker. “

Sumo’s protest was coming on the floor for the second time, this time the party understood

There has been a deadlock in the state BJP over Sushil Kumar Modi for a long time. When the government was formed for the first time in 2005, there was a tussle between Ashwini Kumar Choubey and Sushil Kumar Modi over the deputy CM. At that time both of them were opinionated and Chaubey lost in this floor test. After this, no one vociferously opposed Sumo, but before every election, after the seat-sharing and victory, a voice was raised against the minister, but suppressed. This time it was the same scene.

Since 2005, the demand for favoring Sumo was raised many times, it was also this time. There was a furore in the BJP on Sunday about the arrival of Rajnath Singh for a similar opinion. This time there could be a second scene about Sumo in the floor test, so it is believed that Rajnath postponed the plan to go to the meeting of BJP MLAs first, then canceled at the last moment.

Nitish’s desire to break out of ‘YES MAN’ image now effective

Political analyst Surendra Kishore Sushil Kumar does not see any impact on Bihar BJP with Modi going to the center. He says that the organization has influence, not the person in the BJP, and anyway Sushil Modi is not a person who believes in factionalism. On the other hand, it also emerges from inside the BJP that the party has gone this way to increase its influence, considering Sushil Modi as ‘YES MAN’ of Nitish. It is said that while being the Deputy Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Modi was so impressed with Nitish that the BJP ministers did not get a chance to emerge and become effective, hence this change is being done. There is a similar discussion on social media.

However, Surendra Kishore also adds to it, ‘The new name BJP will take as Deputy Chief Minister will certainly agree with Nitish, it is a different matter that Nitish does not interfere in other’s work’.

Sunil Kumar Sinha, president of Chanakya School of Political Rights and Research, has a second opinion on the matter. He says, ‘The years-old quiver within the BJP will now decrease, but it will still be worth seeing if the party, which has been dreaming of giving its chief minister a long time, will not bring any YES MAN again. To fulfill his dream, BJP can also face a completely opposite nature as deputy CM.