NCB did not conduct blood test of anyone from Rhea Chakraborty to Bharti Singh in drugs case | NCB said - no celeb's blood test was done in the drugs case, Bharti's test was wrong in media » India News
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NCB did not conduct blood test of anyone from Rhea Chakraborty to Bharti Singh in drugs case | NCB said – no celeb’s blood test was done in the drugs case, Bharti’s test was wrong in media



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25 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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According to the NCB, Riya Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone and other celebs have not been given a clean chit at the moment.

  • NCB said – Before the arrest in drugs case, there is only a normal heart checkup
  • Senior advocate Ujjwal Nikam said – NCB should have done blood test of celebs

Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood has been continuously accused of being part of the drugs syndicate. In this case, NCB made deep questioning of Riya Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Bharti Singh etc. However, in the wake of drugs, none of these blood tests were done. This has been confirmed by an NCB official. Blood samples of Arjun Rampal and Harsh Limbachia were also not taken for drug testing.

‘There is usually no medical examination’

The NCB official said, “Usually there is no medical examination for the drugs of the accused. There is a normal heart checkup before arrest. There is a misconception in the media that Bharti Singh was investigated in view of the drugs. This has not happened. He had a normal medical checkup. The same applies to Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Arjun, etc. Crime number 16 or no blood test for drugs was done after that.

‘Bharti case is small, only charge of congestion’

Then how will the crime of the accused be proved? When asked, the officer said, “Ever since the NDPS Act came in, no blood test has happened. It is not a uniform practice. It may be that in some cases the state’s Narcotics Department has never taken drugs into consideration Tested. But it is not common practice. Bharti’s case is small. He is charged with consumption only. The accused caught in the drugs case should have a blood test, it is not a part of routine practice. “

‘Blood test has nothing to do with judicial’

The officer also said, “Blood test has nothing to do with conviction, trial and judiciary. If the accused seizes a certain amount of narcotics, it is also a crime. The quantum of punishment is punishable. “In some cases there must have been occasional blood tests. But in the case of Bollywood this has not happened so far. Nobody has been tested.”

There are two types of allegations in the case of drugs: Ujjwal Nikam

When Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Senior Advocate Ujjwal Nikam in this matter, he said that NCB should have done blood tests of all celebs. Nikam said, “There are two types of charges in the case of drugs. One is to possess drugs and the other is to consume drugs. In the case of Deepika, Sara, Shraddha, Bharti, etc., the case is of conviction or possession, she is looking for The thing is.”

‘NCB Should have done a blood test

Nikam further adds, “Blood checkup is necessary if there is a case of drugs consumption. But only in case of possession, then blood test is not done in that case. However, according to the guidelines of the Police Supreme Court, if there are both types of cases, the accused Medical health sends for checkup. I think everyone from Riya to the blood test should have done it. “

‘To test or not to depend on the officer’

Nikam says, “The case of celebs is of drug addiction. If it is a habit, then the person concerned must have consumed the drug on the day of the investigation or even one evening before that. In this case blood test was made. Whether he wants to test or not. “

Nikam said, “If someone has consumed drugs a month or two ago, then there is nothing suspicious even when doing blood test. 86 grams of narcotics were found from Bharti Singh or whatever amount was received from Arjun Rampal. Punishment will be fixed accordingly. These are possession cases. Not convictions. Hence, blood tests are not necessary here. “

‘No celeb’s clean chit’

The NCB official said, “Celebs like Arjun Rampal have not fully come to the fore. The big paddlers who are caught are being processed. Yes, no celeb has got a clean chit. Everyone Chargesheet is being prepared. Both the aspects of the statement given by the accused and the evidence that has been found are being matched. Still Deepika, Sara, Shraddha have not given any clean chit to anyone. “

The officer finally said, “Whether or not to challenge the High Court’s decision in the rest of Riya Chakraborty’s case will be discussed by the NCB DG in Delhi. Right now NCB has got more evidence in this case. Chargesheet on them Is being prepared. “