Narendra Modi Addressing Nation Live Update | Prime Minister Modi Speech Today at 6 PM, Modi Speech Today Important Points | People did not like the message to the nation, dislikes on YouTube increased if BJP hid numbers » India News
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Narendra Modi Addressing Nation Live Update | Prime Minister Modi Speech Today at 6 PM, Modi Speech Today Important Points | People did not like the message to the nation, dislikes on YouTube increased if BJP hid numbers



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  • Narendra Modi Addressing Nation Live Update | Prime Minister Modi Speech Today At 6 PM, Modi Speech Today Important Points
new Delhi3 hours ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought the message to the nation for the seventh time in seven months. Apparently his message was also on Corona. He spoke for 12 minutes. Mentioned a couplets of Kabirdas. Ramcharit told the matter written in the psyche. The six festivals of the three religions mention Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Deepawali, Chhath Puja and Guru Nanak Jayanti. Then in Bihar, 8 days before voting, he made an appeal – ‘Until corona medicine is done, then it will not be relaxed.’

Before Modi’s country name message, BJP’s YouTube channel had more dislikes than likes. When Modi’s 12-minute speech was about to end, the BJP hid the disliked numbers from its channel. That is, you could like and dislike here, but could not know its number. However, Modi’s speech on the channels of PMO, Narendra Modi and PIB had more likes than dislikes. So numbers were seen here. You could comment on the link of Modi’s speech on the official channel of Narendra Modi, but you could not see the comments of the rest.

12 points of Modi’s 12 minute speech

1. Speed ​​in life and economic activities: All of us Indians have come a long way in the fight against Corona, from the Janata curfew till today. Over time, economic activity also seems to be gradually increasing. Most of us are stepping out of our homes every day to speed up life again to fulfill our responsibilities. This season of festivals is also slowly returning to the markets.

2. We must not let the situation deteriorate: We should not forget that the lockdown may have gone, but the virus is not gone. In the last seven-eight months, due to the efforts of every Indian, the situation that India is in today, we should not let it deteriorate. We have to improve it.

3. We saved more lives than resource-rich countries: Today, the rate of fattiness in the country is low, the recovery rate is high. In countries like the United States and Brazil, the number of infected people in 1 million people is near 25 thousand. The death rate in India is 83 per million people. In countries like America, Brazil, Britain, this figure is over 600. India has been successful in saving more lives of its citizens than the resource-rich countries.

4. Corona test will soon cross 10 crore mark: There are more than 9 million beds available for Corona patients in the country. There are 12 thousand quarantine centers. 2 thousand labs of Corona Testing are working. The number of Tests in the country will soon cross the 100 million mark. The increasing number of tests has been our major strength in the fight against the Kovid epidemic.

5. Do not assume that the corona is gone, there is no danger from it: Following the mantra of Seva Parmo Dharma, our doctors, nurses, health workers, security personnel selflessly served such a large population. Between all these efforts, this is not the time to be careless. This is not the time to assume that the corona is gone or there is no danger from the corona now.

6. Negligence is also seen in videos and photos: In recent times, we have all seen many pictures and videos, it is clear that many people have now stopped taking precautions or have brought too much laxity. This is not right. If you are negligent and coming out without a mask, then you are putting yourself and your family, your family’s children, the elderly in as much trouble.

7. Not to be weakened until the pandemic vaccine: Be it America or other European countries where corona cases were decreasing. There are suddenly growing very fast. Friends, Saint Kabir Das has said that farmers are proud to see ripe farming, a lot of baggage is enough, come home and know. That is, many times we are filled with extreme confidence after seeing the ripe crop. However, the work should not be considered till the harvest comes home. Until success is achieved, do not be negligent. We are not to be weakened until this epidemic is vaccinated.

8. Preparations continue for delivery of vaccine to every citizen: Years later, we are seeing that work is being done all over the world on a war footing to save humanity. Many countries are working and scientists of our country are also involved in it wholeheartedly. Many vaccines are also in operation in India. Whenever the Corona vaccine arrives, the government is preparing for how to reach every citizen as soon as possible.

9. No laxity unless there is medicine: The Ramacharit Manas has enlightening things and also warnings. It says that Ripu Ruj pawak sin lord ahi ganiya do not leave. That is, fire, enemy, sin, mistake and disease should never be considered small. Until they are fully treated, they should not be taken lightly. So remember, there is no laxity unless there is medicine.

10. Life in responsibilities and vigilance: The time of festivals is a time of joy and joy in our lives. We are moving forward through a difficult time. Both life’s responsibilities and vigilance will go hand in hand, only then will happiness remain in life. Two yards, wash hands with soap, apply mask, take care of it.

11. Pray in a tender manner, repeatedly urging: I wish you the most humble wish to see you and your family safe and happy. I want an atmosphere of excitement and excitement. That is why I repeatedly urge every countryman. I urge the media and social media to say that as much public awareness campaign will be done to bring awareness, follow these rules, it will be of service to the country. You support the country and other people.

12. Together we will move the country forward, congratulations on Eid-Diwali: Countrymen stay healthy, move at a fast pace and together we will move the country forward. Congratulations to you on Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Deepawali, Gurunanak Jayanti, Chhath and all festivals. Thank you.

Rahul’s tweet before Modi’s speech

Before the Prime Minister’s message to the nation, Rahul Gandhi tweeted and said that Modi should tell the people when they will throw China out of the Indian border.