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Madhya Pradesh By-Election 2020 Change Equations Just Before Propagation Stops

Madhya Pradesh by-election 2020 change equations just before propagation stops | Then changed equations in Gwalior-Chambal BJP 5, Congress strong in 7 seats, tough competition on 4



The campaigning for the by-election came to a halt on Sunday evening. During the last three days of campaigning, the equations in the Chambal and Malwa regions changed rapidly. The situation of Tulsi Silva became stronger in the evening. In Badnawar, the Congress candidates came out in a tough fight.

The BJP was ahead in Chambal’s Sumavali two days ago, now the Congress’s position got better here. In Meghan, Congress candidate Hemant Katare’s position became stronger. Bhaskar came to know the ground reality of the constituencies. Here on 28 seats, BJP is now at 12, Congress is strong at 11. There is still a contest of thorn in 5 seats.

Know region-wise which party is in better condition

Area The total B J P Congress Collision
Gwalior 9 4 3 2
Chambal 7 1 4 2
Malwa 5 3 1 1
Nimar 2 0 2 0
Bundelkhand 2 1 1 0
Bhopal 2 2 0 0
Mahakaushal 1 1 0 0
Event 28 12 11 5

Gwalior-9 seats

Gwalior: Congress’s position improved, but BJP still ahead
As the polling date draws closer, the position of Congress candidate Sunil Sharma has improved. However, Pradyuman Tomar, a minister from the BJP, is still looking heavy here. Tomar’s image is good among the people, which he can get the benefit of turning into votes.

Debra: In response to Nath, Emirati also started making controversial statements, graph dropped yet strong
After Kamal Nath’s ‘item’ statement, Imarti Devi has started cashing in on it, but she too started making controversial statements. Due to this, the atmosphere that was being created in his favor came to an end. However, the graph is still visible above that of Emirati Devi. Here Suresh Raje is the candidate from Congress.

Karera: Congress’s Pragilal strong with sympathy, Scindia could not do wonders even with the gathering
In the sympathy of Congress candidate Pragilal Jatav, who lost the election on the BSP ticket thrice, all the BJP’s efforts seem to be failing. Scindia’s assembly in Karaira has also not done much. Jaswant is a Jatav candidate from BJP. However, the trends of society are visible to Congress, which will prove to be decisive.

Mungaoli: Congress strong, Yadav backward with the help of supporters of BJP MP
Brijendra Singh Yadav of the BJP trusts the Yadav vote bank but is finding it difficult for personal reasons. There are more than 40 thousand Yadav voters here. Despite this, Kanhai Ram Lodhi of Congress is strong. The support being provided by the supporters of BJP MP KP Yadav from behind the scenes is useful. The BJP is aware of this.

Bhander: Enthusiasm in BJP due to Narottam Mishra’s mantra, yet Congress’s Baraiya strengthened
Minister Narottam Mishra has given full strength to the BJP’s defense of Syria. Yadav has tried to vote with the electoral mantra. However, Phool Singh Baraiya of Congress is still in a safe zone due to caste equations. Muslim and Dalit votes have been cast.

Pohari: Vote management increases BJP’s strength, Harivallabh difficulty increases

BJP’s Suresh Dhakad seems successful in securing the votes of the society along with caste. Harivallabh Shukla of Congress can get into a lot of trouble in this matter. The way for the BJP to become united with the Dhakad votes has become easier, its chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is being considered.

Ashoknagar: Double up due to rise in caste factor, now tough competition
Here too, the caste factor is now taking electoral color. In the BJP, Jajpal Singh Jajji is engaged in cashing it out of the Congress. There was a dispute about his caste. On the SC seat, Congress candidate Asha is a double daughter-in-law of the Jain family. If you can handle the inner struggle of the BJP, then the path will be easy. There is a tough fight here.

Gwalior East: BJP’s Munna faces tough competition from Congress Sikarwar
There is resentment among the business class about Munnalal Goyal from Congress to BJP. In contrast, Sikarwar is better than him in terms of personal image. The BJP too has left no stone unturned here. Here the competition was thorny.

Bamori: BJP stronger than caste factor and opponents
The position of Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia is getting better. With the caste factor, Sisodia has convinced opponents in time. Congress candidate KL Agarwal is finding it difficult. Aggarwal came to the Congress from the BJP but he fell behind with Sisodia in this management.

Chambal – 7 seats

Sumawali: Kansana, who missed the campaign for Sikarwar voters, Kushwaha’s path is easy
The equations have changed sharply in Kushwaha, Gujjar, and Sikarwar seats dominated by votes. The BJP has fielded Gurjar candidates. In such a situation, the trend of Sikarwar votes can now go towards Congress. This has increased the difficulty of BJP candidate Andal Singh Kansans. Bulkband votes may make the way for Congress candidate Ajab Singh Kushwaha easy.

Dimani: Shivraj, Uma, and Tomar could not even change the air, Congress is heavy
Due to caste equations, the wind is going towards the Congress even in the last round of elections here. Chief ministers Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Uma Bharti, Narendra Tomar have held meetings together, but could not succeed in changing the atmosphere. Thakur Votebank remains the biggest challenge for BJP candidate Girraj Dandotia from the very beginning. Congress can get both Thakur and Dalit votes.

Morena: Congress benefited from BJP’s business equation, BSP in fight
After changing the strength of BSP candidate Ramprakash Rajauria here, BJP changed the strategy. The BJP has intensified its efforts to help the traditional vote bank business class. However, the Congress candidate Rakesh Mavai can get the benefit after his vote is divided. It is a tough competition.

Jaura: Congress’ Pankaj’s game spoiling right-time MLA, BJP strong
The Congress, which is seeking to take advantage of the new face Pankaj Upadhyay, is now stuck. Two-time MLA Soneram Kushwaha is contesting from the BSP, which may divide the caste votes of the Congress. After the Chief Minister’s appeal, BJP candidate Subedar can get the decision of Panchayats of Dhakad Samaj in favor. This has made the BJP’s path easier. The seat was vacated by the death of former MLA Banwarilal Sharma.

Gohad: Congress’s Mewaram leads in 84 villages, BJP’s Ranvir urban voters trust
Here the battle is directly divided between urban and rural voters. If the BJP is strong in urban areas like Gohad and Moh, then former minister Govind Singh is outnumbered to help Thakur-dominated 84 villages. If voting in rural areas is more, then Mevaram Jatav of Congress will benefit. It is believed that in the by-elections, the urban voter is reduced.

Mehgaon: Baghel votes make Hemant of Congress strong, now BJP backward
Despite getting delayed tickets here, Hemant Katare has put the BJP in trouble due to the caste equation. In the last two days, the BJP may lag behind due to the trend towards the Congress of Baghel votes. Thakur, Brahmin votes are equally decisive. In such a situation, BJP’s OPS Bhadoria is trying to stop the caste division of votes.

Ambah: Shivraj’s stakes landed Union Minister on public relations, BJP returned to contest
BJP’s Kamlesh Jatav trailed, but a diplomatic bet by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan brought him back. CM had told the forum that what will happen to the reputation of Narendra Singh Tomar who sits next to the Prime Minister, when he loses here … Since then, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has been going from village to village. Although the Congress candidate from BSP, Satyaprakash Sakhwar, is confident of caste votes, the contest has become interesting due to independent Abhinav Chari.

Malwa-5 seats

Samveer: BJP strengthened by Shivraj-Scindia’s fast-track meetings
BJP has thrown leaders from small to big on the hottest seat in the state. Constant meetings of Shivraj-Scindia have created an atmosphere in favor of Tulsi Silva here. In the area adjacent to Indore, Mahendra Hardie, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Akash Vijayvargiya, Ramesh Mendola, Shankar Lalwani are constantly meeting people. Every house is tap- Every house is water and the BJP is promising to bring the metro to the maximum number of people. Premchand Guddu of Congress is leaving no stone unturned to sweat with MLA Jeetu Patwari.

Badnavar: Dittigaon camp in tension due to ‘record-breaking’
The fencing incident that took place a few months ago may become difficult for the BJP government minister Rajwardhan Singh Dattigaon. With the matter connected with Sangh supporters, there is a discussion that the way cases were made by sitting in the rest house earlier, it is time for revenge. Even if we have to break the ’50-year record’, we will. This factor has brought Congress’ Kamal Patel on par. Seeing the opportunity, Rajwardhan himself is busy making personal contact with the voters because some leaders of the Sangh and BJP are angry with Rajwardhan.

Agar: Vipin benefits from staying in the area despite the defeat, camel backward
Manohar Camel’s son Manoj is dependent on traditional votes in the BJP stronghold. Congress candidate Vipin Wankhede is getting the benefit of staying in the area. MLA Manohar Camel passed away two months before the Kamal Nath government fell, then in February, March, Congress candidate, Vipin continued to act as an unannounced MLA in the area, even after losing the election.

Hatpipalya: Gayatri Raje’s team engaged for Manoj, Congress candidate backward
On Saturday, Kamal Nath rallied in Barotha to create an atmosphere in favor of Congress candidate Rajvir Singh Baghel. Sajjan Singh Verma put all his strength to make the rally a success. Despite this, Baghel has lagged behind BJP candidate Manoj Chaudhary. Dewas MLA Gayatri Raje and his son Vikram Pawar are working from village to village to support Manoj.

Suvasara: Patidar voters change the equation, Dung still strong
The trend of Patidar voters is making the path of BJP candidate Hardeep Singh Dung difficult. Congress is raising the issue of the new provision of agricultural law because the biggest impact of the peasant movement was here. The Congress has fielded Rakesh Patidar associated with it. At first, they fell behind in campaigning, but Patidar voters are becoming a big factor. However, BJP’s dangers are still strong due to the ground hold.

Nimar – 2 seats

Mandhata: BJP’s loss due to landing of Congress candidate Uttam Pal strong, independent candidate
The BJP organization has put full force for its candidate Narayan Patel. The Chief Minister has held four meetings but still, the situation did not change much. Even now, the position of Uttam Pal Singh, son of the old Congressman Rajnarayan, remains strong. Bhalla, a permanent voter of the BJP, is also seen coming out of the tribal candidate’s field. However, to change the equation, the BJP has placed its leader from the smallest to the Mandhata region.

Nepanagar: BJP pours full power, Congress candidate still strong
Seeing the strong position of the Congress, the BJP has thrown its full force. Congress workers are being given the membership of BJP. It is a different matter that the workers who came to the BJP two days ago have returned in a dramatic way. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan held four meetings except for Nepanagar. They will not even come to Nepanagar, because the old promises made here are not fulfilled. Here Sumitra Kasdekar from BJP and Ramkishan Patel from Congress are in the fray.

Bhopal – 2 seats

Sanchi: Neutral leaders also active after Shivraj Singh’s warning, Prabhuram strong
The Chief Minister shocked a gathering of Sanchi’s seat saying that there is no need to fear anyone. The gesture was towards the Shejwar faction. The leaders have reared after the warning. This thing is putting Congress’s Madan Chaudhary in trouble.

Biaora: BJP’s Pawar strong, booth management unable to manage Congress
BJP candidate Narayan Pawar was already strong in booth management. They are benefiting from this. The entire Congress, including Ramchandra Dangi, has lagged behind till the last chance of elections. However, Congress candidate Ramchandra is trying to come to the contest to raise some local issues.

Bundelkhand – 2 seats

Sakhi: BJP stronger as soon as Congress external workers return
Congress candidate Parul Sahu is facing a shortage of workers. A large number of workers were called from outside to create the atmosphere, after which BJP candidate Govind Rajput has started looking stronger. Although some people are also angry with Rajput, Bhupendrasinh is firmly taking charge of the party.

Maehara: BJP candidate Kovid in hospital, Congress Sadhvi in ​​better condition
Pradyuman Singh Lodhi of BJP gets corona. He has been admitted to Bhopal. People of Lodhi society are already angry with him. Sadhvi Ramsia Bharti of Congress is seen heavily here.

Mahakaushal – 1 seat

Anuppur: Bisahulal benefited due to the ministerial factor
Minister Bisahulal Sahu is strong here. The biggest reason behind this is his ministering. It has been said in the minds of the people that if they win, they are bound to become ministers. The Chief Minister has dispelled the displeasure of a BJP leader associated with the Kol community ahead of the elections. Vishwanath is in the fray here from Congress.