joint company Corona vaccine by American company Pfizer and German company BioNotech approves Pfizer vaccine emergency use by Britain | How long will the Pfizer vaccine provide protection, it will be known only after a year » India News
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joint company Corona vaccine by American company Pfizer and German company BioNotech approves Pfizer vaccine emergency use by Britain | How long will the Pfizer vaccine provide protection, it will be known only after a year



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  • Joint Company Corona Vaccine By American Company Pfizer And German Company BioNotech Approves Pfizer Vaccine Emergency Use By Britain

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18 minutes agoAuthor: James Patton and Naomi Kresge, Bloomberg

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  • Pfizer tied up with UK, US, Japan, EU; No plans to give vaccine to India right now

One year after the arrival of the coronavirus in the world, its drug of elimination has also arrived. The UK on Wednesday approved the emergency use of the combined Corona vaccine of American company Pfizer and German company BioNotech. With this, Britain also became the first country in the world to approve a vaccine that has completed three trials.

British PM Boris Johnson said the vaccine would help in normalizing the situation along with saving lives. UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said – ‘Britain’s common people will start getting vaccinated with 8 lakh doses before Christmas ie next week.’ Pfizer is making the vaccine in Belgium. From there, more than 10 million vaccine doses will be delivered to the UK by the new year.

Bloomberg shared talks about the Pfizer vaccine, its manufacture, application and India’s stand on it. Understand the questions and answers …

How did a vaccine made in 10 years become in 10 months? Is there a shortcut adopted?
The last time the Mams (mumps) vaccine became the fastest in 1960. It took 4 years. The Corona vaccine was made in 10 months, but no shortcut was adopted. Trials of all stages took place. 59 thousand crores on research by the UK government Spent. The regulator studied data from Artificial Intelligence instead of getting entangled in the information of thousands of pages of documents. This saved time and expedited the approval process. Head of regulator MHRA, June Rainey, said the entire team worked round the clock for this.

How will people know that this vaccine is safe?
Pfizer-BioNotech has conducted trials on 44 thousand people. No serious side effects occurred on anyone. There were only cases of fatigue and headaches.

Why is it difficult to get Pfizer vaccine in India? Has the government talked to the company?
It is important to keep this vaccine at a temperature of minus 70 degrees from packing, storing to application. There is no such preparation in India right now. Pfizer has not even said anything about launching the vaccine in India. Sources say that the Indian government has not even talked to Pfizer about the vaccine agreement.

So, will this vaccine only work in Britain?
It’s not like this. Pfizer has also applied for approval in the US. In addition there are agreements with Japan and the European Union (EU). Given the manufacturing capacity of the company at present, it may take a year for the company to complete the earlier agreements. Yes, but it is possible that Pfizer may also contact companies from other countries for manufacturing.

How many vaccines will Pfizer make?
Pfizer and BioNtech together will make 50 million doses in December. 130 crore doses are set to be made in 2021. For this Pfizer may have to seek the help of other manufacturers. Pfizer-BioNotech has tied up with the UK to provide 40 million vaccine doses by next year (2021). Two crore people will get two doses. The company will provide the rest of the vaccine to other countries.

Who will get the vaccine first in Britain?
The priority of the government is to house patients and health workers. After that, the vaccine will be given to the elderly over 80 years and those already suffering from any other disease. Then at different stages, people above 75, 70 and 65 years will be given. There is no plan to provide vaccine to children right now.

If an Indian or a citizen of another country is living in England, will he also be given a vaccine?
A special committee has been formed for vaccination. In two-three days, she will recommend which class to come from outside, whom to give later.

What will be the challenge after vaccination?
According to Emer Cooke, head of the European Medicine Agency, those people will have to be monitored to know the outcome after vaccination. This will be the biggest challenge.

How long will this vaccine give immunity?
It may take another year for scientists to understand this. Because, it is almost impossible to first assess the effect of any vaccine. However, one thing is clear that till now the companies whose trials are in the third phase, did not have any serious consequences.