India Covid-19 Vaccination | Coronavirus | Voluntary Vaccination | Union Health Ministry says Covid-19 Vaccination will be voluntary Latest News and Updates | Whether to get the vaccine or not, the government left this decision at the will of the people » India News
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India Covid-19 Vaccination | Coronavirus | Voluntary Vaccination | Union Health Ministry says Covid-19 Vaccination will be voluntary Latest News and Updates | Whether to get the vaccine or not, the government left this decision at the will of the people



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  • India Covid 19 Vaccination | Coronavirus | Voluntary Vaccination | Union Health Ministry Says Covid 19 Vaccination Will Be Voluntary Latest News And Updates

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new Delhi28 minutes ago

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The Ministry of Health has stated that the vaccination of coronavirus will take place on a voluntary basis. The Ministry has also clarified that the vaccine developed in India will be as effective as the vaccine produced in other countries. It is also advised to take a full course of vaccine to protect yourself and others from corona. The ministry has issued a FAQ based on the questions asked about the vaccination drive. We are telling you through the answers to 15 selected questions that how will corona vaccination take place in the country…

1. Will corona vaccination be necessary for everyone?
No. It will be on a voluntary basis. However, it is advisable to adopt a complete vaccine schedule to prevent cornea so that you can prevent the disease from reaching your family members, friends, relatives and co-workers.

2. Who will be vaccinated first?
The government has set priority groups. The first group will have health care and front line workers. The second group will include people who are over 50 years old or who are under 50, but have serious illnesses.

  • The group of 50+ has been chosen because by applying the vaccine to this age group, 78% of the people who have some serious disease will also be covered.
  • The 50+ groups will be divided into two sub-groups. The first sub group will be of 60+ people. They will be given the vaccine first. The second sub group will be of people between 50 and 60 years of age. These will be vaccinated later.
  • If the availability of the vaccine is good, then both the sub-groups can be given the vaccine together.

3. Will the person who is corona be vaccinated?
Infected people can spread the virus to other people instead of vaccination. For this, the infected people have to postpone their vaccination for 14 days after the completion of the simptom.

4. Is it necessary for those who have recovered from the corona to be vaccinated?
Yes Whether or not you have had corona before, you are advised to get vaccinated so that your immune system can be strengthened against the virus.

5. Biggest question – How will vaccination happen?

  • Priority groups will be vaccinated according to the availability of the vaccine.
  • Those who will be eligible under these groups, after online registration, they will be informed about the time and health facility through SMS through the registered mobile number, where they can get the vaccination done.
  • One has to go to the Vaccination Center with a mask. Hands have to be sanitized. Will have to keep two yards.
  • You will receive an SMS after the vaccine dose is administered.
  • The center will have to stay at least half an hour after vaccination. If the health is not well, then the staff there will have to tell.
  • After all the doses of the vaccine, the QR code based certification will also be sent to your mobile number.

6. How many doses of the vaccine will there be?
There will be two doses. It will take a gap of 28 days. After this, your vaccination schedule will be completed.

7. If someone has not registered with the Health Department, will they get the vaccine?
No. Registration is required. Only after registration, the person will be told where to reach the vaccine, at what time.

8. Which documents will be necessary for those who are eligible for the vaccine?
Any of these photo IDs can be offered for registration-

  • driving license
  • Health Insurance Smart Card issued by Labor Ministry
  • MNREGA job card
  • MPs, MLAs, Legislative Council members get official ID cards
  • Pan Card
  • Passbook issued by bank or post office
  • Passport
  • Pension document
  • Service ID card issued to employees of central government, state government and public limited companies
  • Voter ID Card

9. Will photo ID also be required at the time of registration?
Photo ID will be required at the time of registration. It will be verified at the time of vaccination.

10. What if someone does not present a photo ID at the place of vaccination?
Photo ID is required for verification at the time of registration and vaccine.

11. If someone is taking medicines for diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, will one be given the vaccine?
Yes Patients with this type of disease will fall in the high risk category. Vaccination is necessary for them.

12. When will antibodies develop?
Antibodies will develop two weeks after the second dose of the corona vaccine.

13. Will the vaccine have side effects? Will precaution be necessary?
The corona vaccine will be brought only when safety is proven. If you look at the rest of the vaccine, some symptoms like mild fever and pain are seen. State governments have been asked to take steps to deal with the side effects of the vaccine. Even after applying the vaccine, you must apply the mask. Hands must be sanitized and two yards will have to be kept.

14. Who will be selected after different vaccines?
Based on the data from the clinical trial, the vaccine will be selected and licensed in view of safety. It is necessary to ensure that the complete schedule of the same vaccine is adopted. Vaccine doses cannot be changed.

15. Does India have the capacity to store a vaccine at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees?
India runs the world’s largest immunization program. This includes 2.6 crore newborns and 2.9 crore pregnant women. This program is being strengthened further.