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India China | Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden Who Will Win; Know What US Election Means For India (Narendra Modi) and China (Xi Jinping) | Trump wins or Biden, Modi’s support needed to compete with China



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  • India China | Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden Who Will Win; Know What US Election Means For India (Narendra Modi) And China (Xi Jinping)

34 minutes ago

In the US, Donald Trump will have another four years or Biden will reach the White House, time to clarify this situation. This election also has important significance for India. Coronavirus, Trade War, Cyber ​​Security and South China Sea. These are some of the matters which are tense in China and America.

On the other hand, border disputes continue between India and China. According to ‘USA Today’, if we look at Trump and Biden’s campaign, it becomes clear that if either of them wins, their attitude towards China will remain strict. Even if Trump has called India dirty on the issue of air pollution. Here, let’s understand about this election and its impact on India.

Common challenge
According to the report, China is the biggest challenge for both India or America. Xi Jinping is challenging America’s Superpower status. On the other hand, Beijing’s greedy eyes are set on India’s land. The two are coming together to thwart China’s moves. Missile defense and surveillance pact occurred between the two countries a few days ago. Only India has the power to compete with China in Asia in terms of market, size and trust. Therefore, the United States would like to be with India in any case.

Consider an example
At a time when the presidential election was going on in the US, Trump’s No. 2 and No. 3 ministers were visiting Asian countries, including India. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mark Espar stayed in India for two days. Then also went to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Every visit had some open and some secret talks on China’s increasing interference and influence in the Indian Ocean. This gives a glimpse that whether Trump or Biden, who wins, defense and foreign policy will not change much. This has been the trend in America before. However, India was named just twice in the presidential debate.

Now or never
According to USA Today – China has now become the biggest threat and challenge to American security, economic interests and culture. The screws should have been clamped long ago, but it is not too late. The US will then have to bring its allies, NATO and other alliances together. If this happens then the competition will not be difficult. American officers are working on it very fast. Politics will not be an obstacle in this matter.

Trump’s 5 big charges on China

  • China spread coronavirus. America has evidence of this. Beijing will have to pay for it.
  • By occupying the South China Sea, China wants to capture 30 percent of the world’s business.
  • China wants to occupy the land of neighboring countries including India. Beijing is threatening neighbors
  • China is a threat to every democratic country in the world. There is no such thing as human rights.
  • The US will no longer provide any relief to China in terms of cyber security and trade.

Biden’s attitude now on China

  • China conspired to interfere in the US election. Will not be spared.
  • American companies are being harassed in China. If you win, you will answer
  • China’s record on human rights issue is worst in the world. Will determine accountability.
  • China will not do arbitrary in Hong Kong, Tibet and Vietnam. American fleet to be permanent in South China Sea.

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