I ask what is against the farmers in all the three central laws ... Nobody says anything, this is an illusion of the BJP, who made them unemployed in politics | Gadkari said - The BJP movement has spread the illusion of those who were unemployed in politics. » India News
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I ask what is against the farmers in all the three central laws … Nobody says anything, this is an illusion of the BJP, who made them unemployed in politics | Gadkari said – The BJP movement has spread the illusion of those who were unemployed in politics.



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  • I Ask What Is Against The Farmers In All The Three Central Laws … Nobody Says Anything, This Is An Illusion Of The BJP, Who Made Them Unemployed In Politics

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new Delhi11 minutes agoAuthor: Dharmendra Singh Bhadoria

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Nitin Gadkari says that we ask what is wrong with the new laws, so no one speaks. If there is a problem, you are ready to fix it. (File photo)

After Corona, the situation in the country is now becoming increasingly normal. From construction work to small industries, everyone is seen making a fast return. Bhaskar held special talks with Nitin Gadkari, former Bharatiya Janata Party president and Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways and MSME, who is known for his speed of innovation and work. There was also talk about the target of 2021 and the special project of the government. He intends to construct a 40 km daily national highway. Excerpts from special talks with Gadkari

Question: Farmers are opposing the agriculture bill, what solution do you believe?
If you go in an airplane, the airline company decides the price of the ticket, so why should the farmer have the right to decide the price and location of the crop? The second thing is contract farming. Somebody comes and says that I will also prepare the land, will also bring seeds, will get composted, whatever will be found there, will remove the expenses and give a sum. In this, was the land sold to Ambani or Adani? No revenue records are changing.

Question: Why are you unable to explain to the farmers?
Because of us many people have also been unemployed in politics. They are confusing. I ask that what is against the farmers in the laws, then nobody says anything. If there is a problem, you are ready to fix it.

Question: Under the government monitoring, why cannot a vegetable-crops become like milk system?
This is the model. Orange was Rs 12 a kg, I made a Farmer Producing Society and sent six containers to Dubai at the rate of Rs 30 a kg. 20 containers and shipping. If you give rights then farmers can do this work. The government is ready to support and support.

Similarly, now ethanol will be made directly from sugarcane juice, molysis will form ethanol. In our country, we can put 22% ethanol in petrol. It requires 1600 crore liters of ethanol. It will get 65 rupees a liter, which will be cheaper than petrol.

Question: When will the vehicle scrap policy come out?
The scrap policy from my department is completely cleared, I think it will be allowed soon and it will come in the next financial year i.e. April-May.

Question: What will I get if my car is 20 years old?
We will have every brand of the world in the next five years, we will become an automobile manufacturing hub. It will have aluminum, steel, rubber and copper recycle of old vehicles. Parts made in 100 rupees will be made in 60 rupees. The common person will get the value of scrap in exchange for the old car.

Question: The pace of construction of National Highway in the quarter of June was 18 km per day, which is behind the target.
We are not far behind in the construction of national highway, even in adverse conditions like Kovid, our pace is fine. At the end of March this year, we will go beyond 30 km and next year we will reach 40 km per day. 30 lakh crore rupees roads will be built in our country in five years. We will complete 60 thousand kilometers of highway in five years. Delhi-Mumbai is building a 12-lane highway which will be completed in the next two years.

Question: At what level is the progress of the Char Dham project, what difficulty is still related to environment, land acquisition etc.?
In the 826 km project, about 25 projects have been completed, 15 projects will be completed in the next four to six months. Work has not started in some projects, the case is going on in the Supreme Court. It is expected that in the next 10 days the final verdict will arrive and work will begin. Within a year from today, Char Dham will complete the project. After this, you will be able to go from Pithoragarh to Mansarovar.

Question: How long will the High Security Number Plate be implemented throughout the country?
It has been mandated by the Supreme Court and all states have to fulfill it. I hope the state governments will do it soon. The sooner this is done, the better it will be for the security of the country.

Question: Battery and charging station are challenges for e-vehicle, still getting vehicles too expensive?
It is becoming very popular, e-bikes, e-rickshaws, e-buses, e-cars are increasing. The government is also working rapidly on its infrastructure.

Question: You said ‘RTOs are the mainstay of corruption’, how will RTOs be able to improve across the country?
We have just passed the Motor Vehicle Act, if the state governments implement it, then the transportation sector will become a corruption-free country. There will be transparency. People will get licenses at home, now driving license can also be obtained from computer. .

Question: Millions of jobs have been lost in MSME sector during Corona, what is the government doing to give jobs again?
The crisis of Corona has come all over the world, the government has given a huge package of assistance for medium and small scale industry (MSME). Growth has also been good in 3 months. Currently, MSME contributes 30% to GDP growth, which we plan to increase to 40%. At present 11 crore jobs are in MSME sector, we are working on a plan to add five crore jobs in the next five years. Village industry like Handloom, Handicraft, Khadi, Honey, Bamboo will promote it, our effort is to increase the turnover of village industry from 80 thousand crores to five lakh crores in the next two years.

Question: The government’s laughter from the government Kamdhenu Commission’s declarations like cow’s cow dung anti radiation chip also makes the government laugh.
(Stopping in between) I can’t say anything about this. The Ministry of Animal Husbandry is doing many new tasks, you meet the Minister of the Department, I also have some information. We are working on saving good breeds of native cow.

Question: In Maharashtra, there are frequent talks about the BJP forming a government, does the BJP want to form a government in the current situation in the state?
I am not aware of this, I have not been to Mumbai for seven-eight months.