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Home minister Amit Shah in West Bengal | Amit Shah on 2 day west Bengal visit for assembly election 2021 preparation | Amit Shah said- Bengal lagged behind in education-health-development; Number one in political violence-corruption



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  • Home Minister Amit Shah In West Bengal | Amit Shah On 2 Day West Bengal Visit For Assembly Election 2021 Preparation

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KolkataOne hour ago

On the second and last day of the Bengal visit, Home Minister Amit Shah held a press conference in Birbhum on Sunday evening. Shah said that in Mamata Banerjee’s government, Bengal fell behind in education, health and development. The state has now become number one in political violence and corruption. At the same time, while stressing on Mamata’s support to the peasant movement, Shah said that 6 thousand farmers should be got in your state, sign it only for this. Before the elections, farmers do not get the benefit of crop insurance, this is your view.

Shah also blamed Trinamool for the attack on BJP President JP Nadda. Shah said – Attack on BJP President is not just an attack on BJP President, but attack on Bengal’s democracy. It is the responsibility of the Trinamool government and its workers. Such incidents happen when the ego of power rises to the head.

Mamta attacked for violence

Shah said- I want to tell the Trinamool leaders that you should not be in the misconception that such activities will stop the BJP, or its worker will stop. If we create an atmosphere of such violence, then the BJP will try to strengthen itself within Bengal with enthusiasm. The BJP will respond to the violence democratically.

Shah said on Mamata’s statement on the violence that the response of the head of state was not good. Political violence within Bengal is at its peak and more than 300 BJP workers have lost their lives. Not even an inch progressed in its investigation.

Familyism, government of corruption

Shah said that corruption is at its peak in the state. The ruling party also committed corruption in the relief money sent by the Indian government. The food sacks sent to the poor in the Coronaca disappeared. Whose responsibility is it? These people go to the Supreme Court against the CAG audit. You should be welcome, but you have done corruption that is why you are running. Similar incidents occur when dynasticism prevails in politics. Today Bengal is number one in familyism, corruption, killing of activists, violence, bomb blasts.

Shubhendu Adhikari welcomed

Shah said that I have been in Bengal for 2 days under the campaign of preparing BJP in Bengal. Many leaders from Trinamool and Congress are in BJP. Shubhendu Adhikari has also joined BJP. I welcome them We believe that wherever good activists want to make BJP their platform against injustice, they have joined BJP. Regarding the roadshow, he said that the public flood that has come out today is about to open his eyes. Hardly such a grand road show would have happened on such a small level.

Mamta challenged with development data
Home Minister Amit Shah calculated the backwardness of Bengal through data. Shah said that Bengal had one-third of the country’s GDP at the time of independence. This graph kept falling during three decades of communist and one decade of Trinamool rule. Neither Congress is an alternative nor Trinamool. We will make Bengal Sonar Bangla once again. Shah also said that Mamta didi will immediately challenge these figures. I say that you decide a place where the leader of my Yuva Morcha will come and answer your questions. Shah said…

  • At the time of independence, Bengal had 30% share in the industrial area and now it is 3.5%. Employment has risen from 27% to 4%. The per capita income was twice the per capita income of Maharashtra in 1960 and is no longer half that of Maharashtra.
  • Bengal was among the richest states in India in 1960. Today a lot has gone down. There was a time that ports made up 42% of the movement and today it is down to 10%. In 1950, the country’s pharma industry was 70% and now it is 7%. The jute industry of Bengal was important, today many mills are running only on paper.
  • Bengal ranks 16th among 31 states in revenue growth between 2011-12 and 19-20. Talking about the loan taken in 2020-21, every child in the state is born with a debt of 50 thousand today. The road does not even know that the pit. Electrical service is poor.
  • Bengal’s share of FDI in Bengal was 1% in 2011 and is still 1%. There is a 36% reduction in community health centers, lack of beds in hospitals. The state is ranked 23rd. In primary health centers, 39% of doctors, 87% of surgeons are vacant.
  • The grant sent for urban development is also not being spent. 56% of schools do not have restrooms. There are 13 degree colleges on the number of one lakh.

Shah said on BJP’s outsiders

On calling BJP leaders as outsiders, Shah said – Mamta used to come to Pranab da when she was in Congress and Indira used to come here. What did she tell them then? I would like to say that no one needs to come from somewhere to defeat you. Only the person from the soil of Bengal will defeat you. We are going to give the next Chief Minister to the people from Bengal itself.

Shah’s critical statement on infiltration and CAA

On Bangladeshi infiltration, Shah said that the Mamata government cannot stop the infiltration. Only the BJP can stop infiltration. On the transfer of Bengal officers, Shah said that this work has been done within the constitutional scope. Mamta didi should quote the rules and talk to the central government. At the same time, on opposition to the Citizenship Law (CAA), Shah said that its rules have not been finalized yet.

Shah did road show in Trinamool stronghold

Earlier, Shah held a road show at Fort Bolpur in Trinamool. Communists have been in Bolpur for 43 years before Mamta. Shah said that you gave communists a chance, gave Mamta a chance, give us a chance once and we will make Sonar Bangla in 5 years. Shah said, “Never seen such a road show, the crowd shows that the people of Bengal now want change.” Shah’s Bengal tour ends today and he leaves for Delhi in the evening.

Shah made infiltration from Bangladesh an election issue
Amit Shah said, ‘This change is going to happen for the development of Bengal. This change is to prevent infiltration from Bangladesh. These changes are meant to end political violence. This change is to end tolling. ‘

Shah ate rice cooked in an earthen pot
Shah reached Shanti Niketan on the second day of his tour. Here he paid tribute to Ravindra Nath Tagore. After this he joined the program at Visva-Bharati University. Shah ate at a bowl singer’s house in Bolpur. The special dish was rice cooked in an earthen pot. During this time Mukul Rai and Dilip Ghosh were present with him.

Bolpur important for BJP

Bolpur is very important for the BJP’s election campaign. This parliamentary constituency was once the imperial fort of the Communist Party. From 1971 to 2014, the Communist Party ruled here continuously. Of these, four times Saradish Roy and seven times veteran leader Somnath Chatterjee won the election. In 2014, the Trinamool Congress won the fort. This seat has been occupied by him twice.

The first day of the tour was a blast

Shah started his tour with a bang. In his rally in Midnapore, many MLAs of Trinamool Congress, an MP, former MP and Shubhendu Adhikari, who is special to CM Mamata Banerjee, joined the BJP. Here Amit Shah said that good people are coming with BJP.

Shah started Mission Bengal from Ramakrishna Ashram

Amit Shah started Mission Bengal by visiting Ramakrishna Ashram. Here he paid tribute to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. He then went to the freedom fighter Khudiram Bose’s house and met his family members. Here he said that I am coming home to Khudiram Bose and experiencing new energy.

West Bengal elections next year

Right now the relationship between the Center and the Mamta government is not going well. The attack has increased due to the attack on the convoy of BJP national president JP Nadda, attacks on BJP workers and calls from state officials. The state also holds assembly elections next year. Meanwhile, Amit Shah’s visit becomes important.