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Girl Says IM An Adult And Wants To Go With Lover Bilal




  • Bareilly claims lover Bilal in love jihad case
  • The student did not conduct medical tests, taught the lesson to police and hospital staff
Bareilly. The police are also surprised by the tense atmosphere in the city and the attitude of the loving couple after the demolition at the fort station. The lover Bilal has claimed to have married the girl after her arrest from Ajmer, while the girl is also standing in full force in defense of Bilal. The student first taught her legal rights to the hospital’s medical staff. After this, arguments have been made in front of the police and the magistrate one after the other like a legal expert. Please tell that the police have come on the backfoot in front of the students’ pleas and have not been able to get the medical treatment of the student. At the same time, the magistrate has sent the student to Nari Niketan.

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According to police sources, immediately after being caught from the hotel in Ajmer, the girl said that she is an adult and has come with Bilal on her own. Although she has not spoken about nikah, Bilal has claimed to have nikah from the student. According to police and hospital staff, when the girl was brought to the hospital for medical examination, she showed herself as an adult by showing the Aadhar card and high school certificate and refused to undergo the test. The student said that if she is an adult then why should she undergo a medical examination? When the police and hospital staff asked to conduct the test, she clashed with the staff. The policemen present on this matter spoke to the top officials, after which he took the girl back without getting medical.

Police presented the girl at ACM II Arunamani. Police said in the application that the courts are closed due to the leave and there are no judicial magistrates. Instructions should be given to whom to deliver the girl. When the girl claimed to be an adult even before the magistrate, the magistrate asked where she wanted to go. The girl expressed her desire to go with her lover Bilal. However, the document will now be scrutinized to legally consider the girl to be an adult, and then the court will pass a judgment. Because of this, orders were given to send the girl to Nari Niketan.

In this regard, SSP Rohit Singh Sajwal said that the magistrate has ordered to keep the student in Nari Niketan till the court opens on Tuesday. Hence the student has been sent by the magistrate to Nari Niketan. The student will be presented after the court opens on Tuesday. The court will give its verdict on the statement of the student in the court.