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Doctor Husband Said To His Wife On Honeymoon I Am Gay – Doctor Husband Said To Wife On Honeymoon – I Am ‘Gay’, Know What Happened Then




  • Two days after marriage, the husband revealed to be gay on honeymoon
  • The newlyweds filed a case against a dozen people including her husband

Agra: The family had married the daughter to a doctor with great fanfare, but during their honeymoon, something happened that the bride’s wishes were destroyed. The relatives of the newlyweds have filed a case of cheating, dowry harassment, and assault against a dozen in-laws, including the son-in-law, at the Women’s Police Station. The newlyweds reported that during a honeymoon in Manali, the doctor told her that he loves a boy and is gay. Not only this, but the husband also tried to push her from the mountain. After this, she agreed to counsel, but could not make it happen.

Explain that the newly married victim is a teacher. She was married to a doctor based in Hathras in May 2019. The family had pompously married with high hopes, which cost 30 lakh rupees. Two days after the wedding, the two went to Kullu Manali on their honeymoon. Where booked in a fabulous resort. The victim told that the husband’s mood was uprooted during the honeymoon. There was a quarrel between the two and the husband raised his hands on her.

She got nervous after seeing this form of a husband soon after marriage. The husband tells her that the marriage is against her will. He loves another boy, he is gay. Hearing this, there was no ground under his feet. The victim said that during the honeymoon, the husband tried to kill her by pushing her from the mountain. The police also came during the hotel assault but did not want legal action. As the matter subsided and she returned from her honeymoon with her husband. On reaching the in-laws, the husband beat her again and when the in-laws started demanding dowry, she returned to her maternal home.

The victim said that after that in August 2019, in-laws demanded a million rupees, then she complained to the police. After this, there were several panchayats for settlement in the case, but they too could not yield any result. When the police sent the case to the family counseling center, she would go on every date, but the husband did not come. Once the husband came, he was not ready to listen. Counseling also failed in this. Now the case, in this case, has been registered at the Women’s Police Station. A dozen people, including husband Dr. Sumit Kapoor, have been accused in this case.