Democrats 4 and Republic 2 ahead; Trump said - Biden don't claim the President's office unfairly | Biden's Appeal to Trump - Spit Anger, We Can Be Antagonists, Not Enemies; Democrats win in 4 states » India News
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Democrats 4 and Republic 2 ahead; Trump said – Biden don’t claim the President’s office unfairly | Biden’s Appeal to Trump – Spit Anger, We Can Be Antagonists, Not Enemies; Democrats win in 4 states



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  • Democrats 4 And Republic 2 Ahead; Trump Said Biden Don’t Claim the President’s Office Unfairly

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In the US, Democrat Joe Biden’s presidency has been largely determined. Biden leads in 4 major states Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. President Donald Trump leads in North Carolina and Alaska. Biden has received 253 electoral votes so far and Trump 214. A figure of 270 is needed to become president.

On Saturday, Biden appeared in front of people. He tried to cool the political mercury. Without naming Trump, appealed to him to spit anger, we could be adversaries, but not enemies. We are all Americans.

Told supporters that there is no doubt that the Democrats are going to win the election. The American public has given us a mandate to run the government. The country wants them to move forward unitedly. You must be patient. Today we are proving what was done 244 years ago (in 1776). And that democracy is successful and effective. Every vote of yours will be counted. Biden also appealed to supporters to maintain peace.

LIVE updates …

6 Status of states: Biden’s victory is confirmed

Trump Biden
present situation 214 253
States where results remain, but trends have arrived
Pennsylvania 20 votes (Biden forward)
North carolina 15 votes (Trump ahead)
Georgia 16 votes (Biden forward)
Arizona 11 votes (Biden forward)
Nevada 6 votes (Biden forward)
Alaska 3 votes (Trump)
If the results remain like this +18 +53
What could be the final figure 232 306

Trump’s 3 tweets

Trump said – I want an explanation of how the numbers (vote count) are increasing in the last two-three days.

Trump claimed- I was leading in all states on election night. As the days passed, these leads diminished. As the legal process progresses, perhaps our leads will also increase.

The President said – Joe Biden should not make a wrong claim at the President’s office. I can also make such a claim. The legal process has started.

Biden’s security increased
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers spoke to Biden late at night. During this time his advisors were also present. The safety of Biden and his family is now being reviewed. Agents of US intelligence agencies exist outside Biden’s home in the White House and Delaware. A team of National Guards has also been deployed to protect Biden. The security of Kamala Harris and her two advisors Jack Sullivan and Steve Richetti will also be enhanced after Biden.

Biden begins work on transition plan
According to the NYT, Joe Biden and his team have begun preparations to take over the government. This is called a transition plan. All of Biden’s advisors are with him at his camp office in Delaware. Meanwhile, some officers of the federal agencies also went to meet Biden. However, the Biden camp is awaiting formal announcement of election results with much discipline and peace. But, they also want that preparations be made to take power. The plan to control the epidemic is being focused exclusively on this issue as Democrats are returning to power.

Trump will not be seen this week
According to CNN, President Donald Trump’s campaign team and advisers have canceled all of Trump’s media events this week. This means that he will not face media this week. However, he will probably keep his word on social media. The White House may soon release this week’s media plan. It will be told that Trump will have no press conference this week. Apart from this, they will not participate in any public event. Trump last met the media on Thursday.