American President Donald Trump says 'will not be going to the Inauguration' of Bide | Trump said - will not go to Biden's oath, there should be no injustice to my 7.5 crore voters » India News
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American President Donald Trump says ‘will not be going to the Inauguration’ of Bide | Trump said – will not go to Biden’s oath, there should be no injustice to my 7.5 crore voters



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Washington21 minutes ago

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President Donald Trump’s pressure from his own party has increased after Thursday’s violence.

US President Donald Trump has agreed to hand over the power to Biden, but his taunt remains intact. Trump has said he will not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20. Even after the violence in the capital, Washington DC, on Thursday, Trump’s attitude does not appear to be soft. Trump wrote on social media, “Those who want to know, I want to tell them that I will not attend the swearing in ceremony on January 20.”

An hour before that, Trump posted one. In it, he wrote, ‘I will always be with 7.5 million Great Americans who vote for me. All have worked for America First and Make America Great Again. There should be no injustice to them.

Trump’s partners are also leaving him
Most people are holding President Donald Trump responsible for the violence in the US Parliament on Thursday. Even his colleagues are leaving him, resigning. There is a demand that Trump should not be allowed to complete the remaining 12 days.

Trump, who has blocked all social media platforms, also released a video on Friday morning. In this, he condemned the violence for the first time. It also said that on January 20, the power transition will be as per the rules.

Security forged around Parliament House
Security is being tightened in the capital Washington DC after Thursday’s violence. The US Army is going to put a 7-foot-high fencing on the Parliament’s boundary. Its work has also started. According to the report of, it would be impossible to climb this trap. This counterfeit will continue for the next 30 days. In addition, 6, 200 US Army National Guards are being deployed to protect the capital. Apart from these, policemen have also been called from four states. Every person will be closely investigated.

5 people died in Thursday’s violence
A police officer injured in the violence in the US Parliament on Thursday died on Friday. Washington DC Police have confirmed this. On Thursday, four people, including a woman, were killed.

Close to Trump is also moving away from him
There are about 100 Republican lawmakers who have clearly blamed President Trump for Thursday’s violent incidents. The White House deputy national security officer, education minister, and all the members who resigned. It is quite possible that NSA Robert Brown and Chief of Staff also step down. Overall, there is tremendous pressure on Trump to take a major decision.