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Agra: Villagers did not like the development of government boycott voting

Polling boycott in Rudhau Mustakil, Ghurkua, Kachpura, and Nagla Balu, voting started in Kachpura six hours later on the assurance of officials



Firozabad: The villagers boycotted the elections for non-fulfillment of demands for development work. There was not a single vote in many booths since morning.
Villagers Rudhu Mustakil, Ghurakua, Kachpura, and Nagla Balu of the constituency had boycotted polling for the demands related to development work. Six hours later, after the assurances of the rural authorities in Kachpura, they agreed to vote.

Not a single vote was cast

The election process was completed at 558 polling stations of the assembly. Around 4500 policemen and other security personnel were deployed for security. Villagers came out of the house in the morning Rudhu Mustakil of the tehsil area but did not reach the polling booth.

Not a single voter reached the center till eight in the morning. The villagers announced a boycott of the election. Villagers said that no development work has been done in the village.

There is a problem with the drain, weeds, and waterlogging in the village. They are pacified every time by giving assurance. Many police forces including SDM Ekta Singh reached the spot.

The officials are busy persuading the villagers but the voting has not started yet. The CDO also reached the spot but the villagers still did not agree to accept it.

Polling started in Kachpura

At the same time, villagers in Kachpura of Kotla were boycotting the election to build ghats and demand for a hospital. Six hours later, on the assurance of the officials, the villagers agreed to vote.

In Nagla Balu Kayastha of the Narkhi region too, the villagers have boycotted the election demanding development works. Not a single vote has been cast in these villages so far.

By four o’clock in the evening, 41 percent voting was done. In the village Ghurkua of Nagla Singhi, only eight votes could be cast.