3 lakh teams will raise labor money to build the temple, 11 crore people will join | 3 lakh teams will raise labor money to build the temple, 11 crore people will join » India News
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3 lakh teams will raise labor money to build the temple, 11 crore people will join | 3 lakh teams will raise labor money to build the temple, 11 crore people will join



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  • 3 Lakh Teams Will Raise Labor Money To Build The Temple, 11 Crore People Will Join

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Ayodhya29 minutes ago

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  • No hard ground up to 280 feet for temple foundation, search continues
  • Ram temple can be built with Vikramadityakal architecture
  • The number is being put on every stone in the temple

(Pramod Trivedi) Everyone has a curiosity in their minds as to what is the real status of construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. There are 3 special things related to temple construction in Ayodhya. First, you can help in building Ram temple. You can make bricks with your hands, you can do labor. For this, from January 15, three lakh teams will reach you in your village. There is an attempt to connect 11 million people.

Secondly, stony ground up to a depth of 280 feet is yet to be found where the temple is to be constructed. In such a situation, thousands of experts associated with 40 organizations, besides scientists from IIT Roorkee and other large institutes, are looking for a solution to this difficult foundation. In particular, research is being done on the architecture of Vikramaditya period, because at this place the temple built by Vikramaditya stood firmly for 2500 years.

Thirdly, one stone will be counted in the construction of the temple. For this, numbers are being inscribed on every stone in Karsevak Puram. Currently, stones for number 30 in 12 trucks have reached the temple from Karsevak Puram for foundation testing. Kamleshwar Chaupal, senior trustee of the Ramjanma Bhoomi Trust, says that the investigation of soil in Ayodhya is going on with the investigation of the soil, because if there is no rocky land below, there will be a danger of the temple being sunk.

One floor stone ready, work going on in Rajasthan

Chandrasekhar Sompura, who supervised the stone supervision at Karsevakapuram for temple construction, says that 75 thousand cubic feet of stone from the foundation of the temple to the construction of a floor is ready. About 1.25 lakh cubic feet stone for the remaining two floors will also be ready with time. Continuing work is on to remove stones in Sagbada, Rajasthan.

Sompura says that every stone is being accounted for. A number has been written on every small and big stone, so that you know how many stones were used in the construction of the temple. The 12 trucks which have been stoned for Pilar are up to 30 numbers. The pillar stone is of 25 cubic feet and the other stones are also of 10 and 5 cubic feet. Cement is not used in the temple.

The decision of saints, anyone can make labor

According to Kamleshwar Chaupal, in a recent two-day meeting in Delhi, we had talked about the foundation problem among the guiding boards of 40 organizations like RSS, VHP, who were together in the battle of temple construction. There are also many saints in these organizations who constantly guide us. All the organizations that stood with us in every situation are starting a campaign.

We have not yet started the campaign due to Corona. But from January 15, our campaign will start across the country, in which 11 crore people will be connected to the temple construction work. For the construction of the temple, those who want to offer service with body, mind and wealth will be able to join this temple construction work. For this, 3 lakh teams will be made for the whole country. No village will survive where the group does not approach. The villages that were left at the time of rock worship will be specially taken.