1000 cinema halls may be shut down, TV's TRP block, 50 crore will subscribe to OTT platform | 1000 cinema halls may be closed, TV's TRP falls; OTT to have 500 million subscribers in 2 years » India News
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1000 cinema halls may be shut down, TV’s TRP block, 50 crore will subscribe to OTT platform | 1000 cinema halls may be closed, TV’s TRP falls; OTT to have 500 million subscribers in 2 years



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  • 1000 Cinema Halls May Be Shut Down, TV’s TRP Block, 50 Crore Will Subscribe To OTT Platform

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9 minutes ago

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  • More than 1000 cinemas to be closed in the coming two years
  • TV’s TRP was sometimes 24, now 4 is not coming, people are not watching ‘KBC- Bigg Boss-The Kapil Sharma Show’
  • Estimates of 50 crore video subscriptions on OTT by 2023

Dipali Porwal is a resident of Kanpur. She says when I have free time, I watch my TV serials. Sometimes in an auto rickshaw or sometimes at the dining table. Many times it has happened that TV has been playing in front of me and I start watching the story ahead on mobile. Because the next day’s episode also comes on mobile.

Rohit Mishra hails from Rae Bareli. It is said that he has not recharged his TV for six months. He is now watching Bihar elections, IPL, India Australia cricket series on laptop and mobile. They mostly watch newly released movies on Fridays at theaters. He likes to write and talk on films. So, he will still go to theaters for films. But there is a condition, if the films are released simultaneously in theaters and OTT, then they will go to theaters for a few films.

Both these things are from December 2020. A similar thing happened on OTT in February 2020. I wrote OTT in one of my news headlines. On this one of my colleagues got angry, said- people don’t understand OTT, what is this? I said, over the top, digital platforms. She started saying, everyone does a bit of journalism like you. I said, do you watch Big Boss, KBC on mobile? Speak – Yes. Asked how? Bolin- App is in my mobile. I said – this is OTT.

Recently I was talked to OTT again. Bolin – drive the car, burn petrol, parking money, 300 tickets, popcorn, 1500 was spent on a movie. So, how many Bollywood-Hollywood movies should I watch on OTT? They too sit in the quilt and sip their tea.

I stayed, I started walking …
Deepali Porwal, Rohit Mishra and fellow women journalists have not stopped watching TV, cinema, have changed the habit. Now, what is happening in this habit. Let us examine it with caution …

In 2012-13 itself, OTT platforms ‘Ditto TV’, ‘Eros Now’, ‘Spul’, ‘Bigflix’, ‘Sony Live’ were launched. That year, the IPL also went live on the OTT platform ‘NexGTV’. But the general audience of India downloaded OTT platforms for ‘IPL’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Mirzapur’. When downloaded, Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film ‘Dil Bechara’ was viewed by more than 7.5 crore people.

Apart from Hindi, more than 95 OTT platforms with video streaming, music, podcasts have been launched in other regional languages ​​including Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi. Even ‘Hulu’ has not yet arrived in India. But the viewers of India are watching it with the theft of DNS, VPN jugaad.

TV and film trade analyst Salil Kumar Egg says that the TRP of TV has been completely destroyed. Amitabh Bachchan-Ayushman Khurana, Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan are bringing their films on OTT. That is, everyone has understood the future. Now OTT is the only choice

What a joy we have, to set my heart on you…
In a report by KPMG, it was estimated that by 2023 the subscribers of videos on OTT in India will be more than 500 million. Senior film journalist Ajay Brahmatmaj says that there are so many cinemas in India that a film like Bahubali was seen by only 5 crore people.

Trade analyst says, till now out of 100 rupees coming for publicity, 60 rupees TV, 30 rupees digital and 10 rupees used to go around. But this figure is going to reverse in the next three years. 60 per cent of the money will come for publicity on digital. Big stars will go on OTT to promote their films.

The PWC report says that OTT’s market in India was only 4,464 crore in 2018. 11,976 crores in 2023. It simply means that the producers either have to understand the demand for OTT or they will start getting out of the industry. Salil Kumar And directly says that in the coming days many cinema and TV shopkeepers are going to be closed. On the other hand, the way the TRPs of KBC and Bigg Boss have consistently come down, TV producers will not be able to drag them for long. It may also be that the loss from the show can be compensated by removing Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. The simple reason behind this is people moving towards OTT.

Ajay Brahmatmaj believes that people had already started watching cinema on mobile. There were reports of movies leaking on the next day. Theaters were already closing. When I lived in Patna, there used to be more than 20 cinemas. Now some four to five are left. In the past, there are reports of rapid closure of single screen cinemas in Hyderabad and many places. More than 1000 cinemas are expected to be closed in the coming two years.

You have stolen the heart, do not steal my eyes …
Surveys and trade analysts of many companies with market research are praising OTT. But senior journalist Dinesh Srinet says, “OTT has put all its strength to reach as many people as possible.” Plenty of experiments are being done. But remembering content is not yet being created. Senior film journalist Anupama Chopra says that due to OTT, the cinema going home is being lost in people’s minds. People are watching movies in pieces by their own convenience.

Actor Amol Parashar, who came into discussion with the OTT platform, says that no one can be forced to show anything here. People will see the whole only when the content is strong. Otherwise, the audience will move in half and close.

In such a situation, the biggest challenge of OTT is that cinematographers serve a variety of dishes in the plate and focus on the best taste. However, OTT currently has three distinct types of content. First, pre-made TV shows, web shows, films worldwide. These are dubbed and shown in different languages. Second, Originals, new films and new shows are being made in it. Third, music and podcasts.

Money show
The main source of revenue of OTT platform is the money coming from subscription. Apart from this, money is earned by showing advertisements in between videos. More than one person uses it at different times after taking a subscription. There are many subscription plans that people take along with friends. OTT buys space on the server for the money it receives from people. Apart from this, he buys money from whom he buys content. There were reports that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were willing to pay OTT 100 crores to buy the starrer film 83.

Corona is positive for OTT
Eros Now CEO Ali Hussain says that we had not anticipated the sudden arrival of so many users. The increase we had expected by the last months of 2022, the same number of people arrived before the end of 2020. We expect this to increase further.

Come, sit in my car …
OTT has emphasized on giving content in regional languages ​​of India these days more than Hindi, English. Currently, OTT platforms with around 40 video streaming are offering content in 35 regional languages.

Lockdown has gone wildly, Salary has been cut. Those people who used to go to the cinema to eliminate tiredness from work for five-six days, their number will be reduced. DTH has been pushed to the verge of ending OTT almost. So in the coming days OTT Entertainment is going to be the world’s most powerful player.