100 People May Be Vaccinated Per Session: Center's New SOP On Covid | Only 100 people will be vaccinated in each session; State and UT will decide the date and day themselves » India News
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100 People May Be Vaccinated Per Session: Center’s New SOP On Covid | Only 100 people will be vaccinated in each session; State and UT will decide the date and day themselves



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According to the guideline, the vaccination team will have 5 members. It will have one main officer while 4 other helpers will be there.

Preparations for vaccination in the country have intensified. Initially, only 100 people will be vaccinated in each session of vaccination. If the availability and arrangement of the vaccine is improved, then this number can also be 200. The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) has prepared a detail guideline for this.

The Health Ministry team is currently reviewing this 112-page guideline. According to the guidelines, states and union territories will be able to decide the day and date of vaccination by themselves. The central government is preparing to apply 300 million people in the next 6 to 8 months. For this, 600 million doses will be purchased from companies.

Dr. VK Paul, chairman of the National Group of Experts on Kovid-19 Vaccination and member of NITI Aayog, said that cold storage facilities of minus 2 to 8 ° C are being provided for vaccine storage. Paul explained that there are 4 vaccines in the country that can be easily stored. It has the Vaccine for Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech, Zydus and Sputnik.

What else is there in the guideline?

  • Vaccine is recommended to all the people of the country who are at high risk of infection.
  • 1 crore health workers, 2 crore frontline workers should be given priority. This includes doctors, nurses, police, home guards, arm force, civil defense, municipal corporation, disaster management personnel.
  • Vaccination should also be given priority according to age. In this, two groups above 50 years and below 50 years should be formed.
  • Those who already have other serious diseases should be included. Their number is 27 crores.
  • In each session, 100 people will be vaccinated. Healthcare and frontline workers will be more in this number. However people with high risk will also join it.
  • Healthcare and frontline workers will be vaccinated at one place.
  • Others may create separate sites or mobile sites for high risk citizens.
  • State governments can build vaccination centers in schools, community halls or tents as per their convenience.
  • Drinking water, toilet facilities etc. will also be available at the vaccination center.

If you have side effects, you will be admitted to hospital

After giving the vaccine dose, doctors and other specialists will monitor each candidate for 30 minutes. If anyone feels a side effect during this period, they will be admitted to a dedicated hospital.
A team of 5 members will conduct vaccination

  • The vaccination team will consist of 5 members. It will have one main officer while 4 other helpers will be there.
  • The main officer of the vaccination can be any of the doctors, nurses, pharmacists.
  • The second member will look after the security work. He will check the registration and entry point.
  • The third member will verify the documents.
  • The fourth and fifth members will communicate with the Ministry of Crowd Management and Health.

How will vaccination be monitored?

  • The National Expert Group will be monitoring at the national level.
  • Two committees have been formed in the state. The first State Steering Committee has been formed, which will coordinate among several departments. Its chairman will be the chief secretary of the state.
  • The second is the State Task Force. This team will manage logistics and human resources. Its chairman will be the Principal Secretary Health of the state.
  • State control rooms will be established in all states. It will work 24 * 7.
  • District task force has been formed at the district level. Urban Task Force has been formed for cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh.
  • A block task force has been formed at the block level. Its chairman has been made SDM or Tehsildar.

What are the preparations of the government for vaccination?

  • The central government is negotiating with all the state and union territories.
  • Teams have been formed for multilevel coordination. Coordination teams have been formed at the center, state, district and block levels.
  • Cold chain infrastructure has been strengthened.
  • The state and central government are jointly arranging for an additional vaccine (specialists who will be vaccinated).
  • Communication strategy has been prepared to prevent and counter fake news, messages about the vaccine or vaccination process.
  • A co-win digital platform has been prepared, which will give complete information about the vaccination process, registration, vaccination date, etc.
  • The data of people who have to be vaccinated first by all the states and union territories is being uploaded on the Co-Win portal.