A Biohacker Crafts A DNA Sequence Using Pieces Of The Holy Books

A Biohacker Crafts A DNA Sequence Using Pieces Of The Holy Books

Lately, a biohacker has been found to have injected himself with DNA sequence prepared using parts of the Bible and Koran in a precarious experiment only to known whether it could cost him his life or no. Though this may sound crazy the experiment has been performed. The brainchild behind such a fanatical experiment is Adrien Locatelli from Grenoble who used the religious passages and translated them into DNA code so as to build an unknown protein which he later injected into his body.

According to this high-school student, this is the first ever conducted experiment on creating sequences of DNA using books as the source. The student conducted the experiment on himself without having any aforementioned facts regarding the effects of the created proteins on the body. The risk of the potentially fatal research remains a mystery to date to be unfolded. According to Locatelli, he had translated all the letters in the sacred books into a specific DNA sequence in the first of its kind bizarre experiment.

The new genomic sequence is also made up of the equivalent chemicals bases such as the letters ACGT along with many genes coded by the combination of these letters. In the DNA sequence each and every Hebrew character from the holy book was replaced with DNA codes and excluding 7:1 to 7:5, 5, and 2:10 to 2:14 as they are considered to be controversial series by directly reaching out to GACT.

The NASA scientists have simulated a condition wherein the components found in the DNA are also found on meteorites speeding through space. According to NASA scientist Dr. Michel Nuevo and his squad, the using of UV rays to blast the mixture of ice made using water plus methanol helped create space like conditions which are expected to have yielded the building blocks of biology.

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